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School Days

TitleSchool Days
Aliasesスクールデイズ, SD, 日在校园
Play timeMedium (26h from 9 votes)
Developer0verflow & guyzware & Regista
Publishers0verflow & AiCherry & Interchannel & Palace & Petit Cherry
Sekai Project & JAST Densetsu
Ghost Team & Honyaku-Subs
Juan Ochoa
Alternative version
Summer Days
Same series
Island Days
Same setting
Pure Mail
Cross Days
Side story
Strip Battle Days 2
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In the school the three people met. Their relation had been changed in the season, and turned into three love stories.

Makoto has been admiring a girl he has seen on the train. That girl is Kotonoha Katsura, and he even managed to take a photo of her with his cell phone. Due to new seating in his class, he ends up next to Sekai Saionji, a nosy, but sweet and sincere girl. As she snoops for his cell phone while talking to him, she discovers his crush and vows to help him until Kotonoha agrees to go out with him. When Sekai finally gets them together, she realizes her own feelings after finding out that the person Kotonoha liked was, in fact, Makoto. While waiting for her train next to Makoto, who was waiting for Kotonoha, she has him talking about how he can repay her for all of her help. Before leaving for her train, she kisses him and cries when she boards the way home. Kotonoha happily arrives for her date with Makoto shortly after. With all three main characters carrying different expressions on their faces, the story begins.

[From Wikipedia]

Bisexual HeroineS 3.0 Dramatic Love Triangle 3.0 Impregnation ChoiceS 3.0 Jealousy 3.0 Lots of Choices 3.0 More Than Seven Endings 3.0 Interactive Movie 2.8 Male Protagonist 2.8 Modern Day Japan 2.8 Protagonist with Voice Acting 2.8 Love Triangle 2.8 Varying Ending Songs 2.7 Timed Choices 2.7 Student Heroine 2.7 Multiple Endings 2.7 Episodic Story 2.7 High School Student Protagonist 2.6 Multiple Songs 2.6 Relationship Problems 2.6 Yandere HeroineS 2.6 Reverse NTRS 2.6 Bad Ending(s) 2.6 Built-in Flowchart 2.6 Adolescent Romance 2.5 Betrayal 2.5 Indecisive Protagonist 2.5 Popular Protagonist 2.5 Perverted Protagonist 2.5 Drama 2.5 Varied Title Screens 2.5 Sounds of Copulation 2.4 High School 2.4 Protagonist's Rival as a Heroine 2.4 Sexual Content 2.4 Romance 2.4 Blind Choices 2.3 Cunnilingus 2.3 Inbred HeroineS 2.3 Outdoor Sex 2.3 Death of HeroineS 2.3 Bad Endings with Story 2.3 Early Branching Plot 2.3 School 2.3 Defloration 2.2 Missionary Position 2.2 Yamato Nadeshiko Heroine 2.2 Psychological ProblemsS 2.2 Death of ProtagonistS 2.2 Relationship Chart 2.2 Harem EndingS 2.2 Perverted Friend 2.2 Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki 2.1 Threesome EndingS 2.1 BullyingS 2.1 Ojousama Heroine 2.1 Androphobic Heroine 2.0 Completion Status Indicator 2.0 Cowgirl 2.0 Determinant AntagonistS 2.0 Gauge Display 2.0 Harem Ending with ThemeS 2.0 Heroine with Big Breasts 2.0 High School Student Heroine 2.0 ImpregnationS 2.0 Infidelity 2.0 Only Bad End Death of HeroineS 2.0 Only Bad End Death of ProtagonistS 2.0 Only Virgin Heroines 2.0 Pillow Talk 2.0 PregnancyS 2.0 Pregnancy Bad EndingS 2.0 Pregnancy Good EndingS 2.0 Rape Victim HeroineS 2.0 Short Sexual Scenes 2.0 HomicideS 1.9 Heroine with Ahoge 1.8 Bloody ScenesS 1.8 Graphic ViolenceS 1.8 Group Sex of One Male and Several FemalesS 1.8 SuicideS 1.7 Mutual Masturbation 1.7 Sex in Public Places 1.7 Foolish Protagonist 1.6 Donkan Protagonist 1.6 Multiple Opening Movies 1.6 Only Avoidable Rape ScenesS 1.6 Blood-related Uncle/Niece IncestS 1.5 Clothed Male Naked Female 1.5 Ejaculation ChoiceS 1.5 MadnessS 1.4 Only Avoidable NetorareS 1.4 Doggy Style 1.3 Foolish Friend 1.3 Condoms 1.2 Molestation on Public TransportS 1.2 Student Council 1.2 Pregnancy EndingS 1.2 NetorareS 1.1 Group Sex of One Female and Several Males 1.0 Perverted Heroine 1.0 Sexual HarassmentS 1.0 Standing Sex 1.0 Threesome 1.0 Hetare Protagonist 1.0 Suspense 0.7 Fingering 0.5 Loli Heroine 0.4 Sexual SlaveryS 0.2


Japanese (10)
2005-04-2818+School Days
2005-07-2218+School Days - Package Renewal Edition
2007-09-2818+School Days - DVDPG
2008-01-1715+School Days LxH - Limited Edition
2008-01-1715+School Days LxH - Regular Edition
2010-06-3018+School Days - UMD-PG Edition
2010-10-0818+School Days HQ
2012-01-0618+School Days HQ - Download Edition
2016-02-1118+School Days - Renewal Package Edition - DVDPG
Chinese (3)
2009-02-0718+School Days (unofficial patch)
2011-06-2318+School Days HQ (unofficial patch)
2020-06-0518+School Days HQ
Korean (2)
2010-11-0418+School Days (unofficial patch)
2014-01-1918+School Days HQ (unofficial patch)
English (4)
2011-02-2518+School Days (patch)
2012-06-2818+School Days HQ - Standard Edition
2012-06-2818+School Days HQ - Collector's Edition
2012-08-0618+School Days HQ - Download Edition
Russian (3)
2011-03-03All agesSchool Days HQ Demo (unofficial)
2013-04-2518+Shkol'nye Dni HQ (unofficial)
2013-09-0618+Shkol'nye Dni HQ (unofficial)
Spanish (1)
2013-12-2318+School Days HQ (unofficial patch)


  • Composer
  • Ebi
  • Hayashi KatsuhiroTrue ED "Secret Zaurus"
  • HikoBGM, OP, True ED "Bye-Bye Tears", True ED "Hello, My Happiness" arrangement, True ED "Kanashimi no Mukou he" arrangement
  • Iizuka MasaakiED "Anata ga... Inai"
  • KirikoTrue ED "Hello, My Happiness", True ED "Kanashimi no Mukou he"
  • ManackTrue ED "Futari no Christmas"
  • Ookubo KaoruInsert Song "Let Me Love You" arrangement
  • Oota MasatomoInsert Song "Let Me Love You"

Full character list

Character summary

Itou MakotoProtagonist
Voiced by Hirai Tatsuya
Katsura KotonohaMain character
Voiced by Toono Soyogi
Saionji SekaiMain character
Voiced by Yuzuki Kaname
Kanroji NanamiSide character
Voiced by Fujimura Mio
Katou OtomeSide character
Voiced by Matsunaga Yuki
Kiyoura SetsunaSide character
Voiced by Yamamoto Hana
Kuroda HikariSide character
Voiced by Isshiki Hikaru
Sawanaga TaisukeSide character
Voiced by Hinata Hikage

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School Days

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