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v14018.802018-01-07 at 04:02delusionparadoxChaos;ChildMore aliases
v14018.792018-01-05 at 11:19observerChaos;ChildUeno Kokemono added to Staff
v14018.782017-11-27 at 08:46shinnewChaos;ChildUnlocking.
v14018.772017-09-23 at 00:18multiChaos;ChildReverse relation update caused by revision v2002.100
v14018.762017-09-23 at 00:16multiChaos;ChildReverse relation update caused by revision v2002.99
v14018.752017-07-21 at 20:52shinnewChaos;ChildLocked for now, please continue discussion on the boards.
v14018.742017-07-21 at 20:50eacilChaos;ChildReverted to revision v14018.72 I didn't say you were wrong, but if I didn't read Chaos;Child, in return, you don't seem to know how vndb work. Those
v14018.732017-07-21 at 20:44delusionparadoxChaos;ChildThey all are same setting and just because they have Chaos; in their name doesn't mean they need to be highly related. They just share the same
v14018.722017-07-21 at 20:40eacilChaos;Childif Chaos;Head = Same setting > Steins;Gate & Chaos;Child then Chaos;Child doesn't need Steins;Gate Same setting relation if Robotics;Notes = Prequel
v14018.712017-07-21 at 20:09delusionparadoxChaos;ChildSame setting and doesn't share characters.
v14018.702017-07-21 at 20:06nvortexChaos;ChildFixed relations.
v14018.692017-07-21 at 20:00nvortexChaos;ChildIn this case "Same setting" is used to link them as a single universe and C;C is confirmed to have an importance in DaSH.
v14018.682017-07-21 at 06:59varioChaos;Childlink
v14018.672017-07-20 at 22:13nvortexChaos;ChildAdded relations.
v14018.662017-07-20 at 21:53multiChaos;ChildReverse relation update caused by revision v382.87
v14018.652017-07-20 at 21:52multiChaos;ChildReverse relation update caused by revision v19953.11
v14018.642017-04-14 at 13:46cheonChaos;Childscreenshots
v14018.632017-03-28 at 10:57traumatizerChaos;Child+1
v14018.622017-02-15 at 06:38varioChaos;Childstaff (source: PC ver. credits and link)
v14018.612016-10-29 at 12:20chipp12Chaos;ChildFrom interviews/other director is only mentioned in staff roll
v14018.602016-10-29 at 10:17varioChaos;Childdirector
v14018.592016-09-07 at 12:44multiChaos;ChildReverse relation update caused by revision v19953.1
v14018.582016-07-06 at 16:21chipp12Chaos;Childstaff roll
v14018.572016-06-27 at 19:39chipp12Chaos;Child...
v14018.562016-06-27 at 19:37chipp12Chaos;Childoops
v14018.552016-06-27 at 19:35chipp12Chaos;Childlink phew
v14018.542016-06-10 at 16:29alexidvChaos;Child+WP link
v14018.532016-05-26 at 15:01chipp12Chaos;Child...
v14018.522016-05-16 at 19:24cyberslayerChaos;Childcast
v14018.512016-05-16 at 16:00cyberslayerChaos;Childstaff + anime
v14018.502016-05-04 at 07:37shinnewChaos;ChildStaff.
v14018.492016-05-01 at 01:12weilaiChaos;Child..
v14018.482016-04-10 at 22:07varioChaos;Child+1
v14018.472016-01-12 at 18:49traumatizerChaos;Childstaff note
v14018.462015-12-01 at 00:01venomg3Chaos;Childd2.5 adjustments for this series *note i tried to right down changes before hand to not make a mistake but its possible i still did as the graph
v14018.452015-11-13 at 14:59traumatizerChaos;Childstaff notes
v14018.442015-08-24 at 20:02esswordChaos;ChildAdded seiyuu for Onoe Serika.
v14018.432015-08-19 at 18:10varioChaos;Childstaff
v14018.422015-07-20 at 16:40nananaChaos;Child.
v14018.412015-07-20 at 16:39nananaChaos;Child.
v14018.402015-06-27 at 18:33jazz957Chaos;ChildComposer
v14018.392015-06-07 at 06:08nananaChaos;ChildPSV cover
v14018.382015-06-04 at 18:22varioChaos;Childfix
v14018.372015-06-04 at 16:44chipp12Chaos;Child...
v14018.362015-05-31 at 09:56nananaChaos;Child+2
v14018.352015-03-28 at 21:18multiChaos;ChildReverse relation update caused by revision v17102.6
v14018.342015-03-28 at 17:26multiChaos;ChildReverse relation update caused by revision v17101.5
v14018.332015-03-28 at 16:17multiChaos;ChildReverse relation update caused by revision v17100.4
v14018.322015-03-28 at 15:12multiChaos;ChildReverse relation update caused by revision v17101.1
v14018.312015-03-28 at 15:06multiChaos;ChildReverse relation update caused by revision v17100.1