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v14062.512019-08-24 at 14:44ktang200Majo Koi Nikkilink It's shorter than VNs like Damekoi and Sharin which are also listed as 10-30 hours.
v14062.502019-08-21 at 07:16romax13Majo Koi NikkiDefinitely 30+ hours. Somewhat long prologue with many long split choices.
v14062.492019-08-03 at 13:52ktang200Majo Koi NikkiESLs finished it in 22 hours, also script dumps says the script size is only about 1.3 MBs so it's not even that long
v14062.482019-07-30 at 08:02prinzeugenzMajo Koi Nikkipretty sure it's gonna take over 30 hours of reading
v14062.472019-02-26 at 12:04darkquestMajo Koi Nikki"The Witch's Love Diary" english name from Sekai Project
v14062.462018-02-14 at 05:51sakuhanachanMajo Koi Nikkimore staff list from PC ver. 's end roll file
v14062.452018-02-13 at 20:24shinnewMajo Koi NikkiSong title.
v14062.442018-02-13 at 12:44traumatizerMajo Koi Nikkistaff
v14062.432017-09-21 at 11:40porygon2Majo Koi NikkiRevert cover from the one of the PS Vita trial to that of the main PC release
v14062.422017-05-27 at 15:37emotionalMajo Koi NikkiBetter cover.
v14062.412017-03-04 at 04:04fredthebarberMajo Koi NikkiUpdating description with a better-written one covering most of the teaser events in the early prologue.
v14062.402017-01-08 at 19:56bobemmoMajo Koi NikkiSwapped out spoiler screenshot
v14062.392016-08-26 at 13:14varioMajo Koi Nikkinote
v14062.382016-06-25 at 19:59traumatizerMajo Koi Nikkistaff
v14062.372016-04-30 at 10:52weilaiMajo Koi Nikki..
v14062.362016-04-30 at 10:50weilaiMajo Koi Nikki..
v14062.352016-03-24 at 15:49jazz957Majo Koi Nikkistaff
v14062.342016-03-24 at 09:19ermesonMajo Koi Nikkiadding staff
v14062.332016-03-10 at 04:09weilaiMajo Koi Nikki..
v14062.322016-01-02 at 15:28nananaMajo Koi Nikki..
v14062.312015-12-31 at 03:48z-411Majo Koi NikkiAdding Akemi's VA
v14062.302015-12-17 at 20:22traumatizerMajo Koi Nikkistaff notes, +1
v14062.292015-11-04 at 09:43nananaMajo Koi Nikki+2
v14062.282015-09-21 at 10:11weilaiMajo Koi Nikki..
v14062.272015-09-07 at 09:33weilaiMajo Koi Nikki.
v14062.262015-07-19 at 17:44nananaMajo Koi Nikki.
v14062.252015-05-05 at 05:12esswordMajo Koi NikkiAssigned voice actors for Yamada and Okada. Source: credits from the game. link
v14062.242015-05-02 at 22:57kaiflameMajo Koi NikkiAdded VA. link
v14062.232015-04-04 at 13:46traumatizerMajo Koi NikkiOP
v14062.222015-02-24 at 16:54[deleted]Majo Koi Nikkistaff fix
v14062.212015-02-17 at 05:38nutellafanMajo Koi NikkiAdded VA.
v14062.202015-02-10 at 02:31jazz957Majo Koi NikkiAdded composers.
v14062.192015-02-07 at 04:43nutellafanMajo Koi NikkiAdded VA.
v14062.182015-02-06 at 21:19traumatizerMajo Koi Nikkiva
v14062.172015-02-01 at 00:42myopiusMajo Koi Nikkiadded niijima yuu
v14062.162015-01-30 at 02:34myopiusMajo Koi Nikkiadded the seiyuu of the best character (kawashima, always kawashima)
v14062.152014-08-22 at 08:50earthwormMajo Koi NikkiReverted to revision v14062.13 translated title is not an alias
v14062.142014-08-22 at 07:17darkquakeMajo Koi NikkiAdded translated english title to Aliases
v14062.132014-08-01 at 11:26earthwormMajo Koi NikkiReverted to revision v14062.11 The game is linear, it cant be that long
v14062.122014-08-01 at 09:39minakunMajo Koi NikkiLength
v14062.112014-06-08 at 12:37himesMajo Koi Nikkiss
v14062.102014-06-07 at 07:38lucykawaiiMajo Koi Nikkiremoved heavy spoiler CGs
v14062.92014-06-06 at 21:44sanahtligMajo Koi NikkiEdited summary again.
v14062.82014-06-06 at 21:37sanahtligMajo Koi NikkiReworded summary first paragraph.
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v14062.52014-04-01 at 10:06maraskanuserMajo Koi NikkiAdded description from Micchi's blog
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