Storia ~Ouma no Mori no Himegimi-tachi~

Storia ~逢魔の森の姫君達~

Storia ~Ouma no Mori no Himegimi-tachi~
TitleStoria ~Ouma no Mori no Himegimi-tachi~
Original titleStoria ~逢魔の森の姫君達~
Publishers Mina


The season is autumn, near Halloween. Our hero, Alfonse, and his acclaimed assistant and cousin, Marybell, visit Wolf Wood, a town surrounded by a deep forest. On the surface, their reason for visiting the town is to find material for his novel; however the real purpose for their visit is to search for his friend who had disappeared 4 years ago. Alfonse received a single letter stating that his friend had come to Wolf Wood.

They stop at the town's only inn, Ruu Inn. The only people there are a rich man named Joe Cunningham and the owners of the inn, Erin, Aria, and Caress, who are sisters. No one has heard of his friend, Kirks; however there is a legend handed down from ancient times that every 4 years, a young man disappears on Halloween night...

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