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Niji-iro Season Sarigenaku

虹色シーズン さりげなく

TitleNiji-iro Season Sarigenaku
Original title虹色シーズン さりげなく


This is the world of sword and magic "Paiona". Three races occupy it.
There is "sword and magic school" in Sao Paolo, the central city of Paonaa. It is a prestigious school where freshmen are only accepted once in three years. At this school "Red Moon Battle" is held every three years when the red moons rise. The winners are recognized as wizards. Four girls participate in the contest to become real witches.

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1999-10-0818+Niji-iro Season Sarigenaku


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Asatsuki CerikaMain character
Bianka ArtemisMain character
Narukami AkaneMain character
Shasta VanetteMain character

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