Motoyan no Oku-san wa Suki Desu ka? ~Tsuyoki na Hitozuma-san to Ecchi de Shoubu! Sexy Tsuma mo Iru yo~

元ヤンの奥さんは好きですか?~強気な人妻さんとエッチで勝負! セクシー妻もいるよ~

TitleMotoyan no Oku-san wa Suki Desu ka? ~Tsuyoki na Hitozuma-san to Ecchi de Shoubu! Sexy Tsuma mo Iru yo~
Original title元ヤンの奥さんは好きですか?~強気な人妻さんとエッチで勝負! セクシー妻もいるよ~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Heiantei


Akira is a young man, who works part-time. He has a co-worker, Reiji, who is constantly flirting around at work.

One day, to Akira's surpise, Reiji asks him to pick up his daughter from kindergarden and see her home.
Akira agrees and so he meets Reiji's wife, a strong and independent woman named Nozomi.
Over the next few weeks, while Reiji always finds new excuses to be absent, Akira gradually gets closer to Nozomi and her children.

One night, while drunk, Akira and Nozomi almost have sex and Akira confesses to her.
Confused, Nozomi consults her best friend Yukari.

Yukari has the the perfect solution for Nozomi's fear about losing her family: Yukari only has to seduce Akira by herself...


Hagiwara Akira
Hagiwara Akira萩原 明 
Hair, Black, Eye Covering, Short
Body, Adult, Pale, Slim
Clothes, Sweater, Trousers
Personality, Kind
Role, Part-time Worker
Engages in, Netori
Engages in (Sexual), Outdoor Sex, Sex in Front of an Audience, Sex in Public Places


Faceless Protagonist of the game, co-worker of Reiji.

Akira helps Reiji by seeing home his daughter. In Reiji's frequent absences he fills in for him, playing with his children and helping Nozomi.

Main characters

Side characters

Asama Nanoka
Asama Nanoka浅間 奈乃香 
Hair, Red, Twin Tails
Eyes, Amber
Body, Kid, Pale, Slim
Clothes, Dress, Sandals
Personality, Third Person
Role, Daughter, Full Sister, Kindergartener


Daughter of Nozomi and Reiji.

Nadoka instantly takes a liking to Akira and always wants to play "Family" with him.
She doesn't like if people fight in front of her.

Asama Reiji
Asama Reiji浅間 麗司 
Hair, Blond, Short
Body, Adult, Olive, Slim
Clothes, Belt, Shirt, Sunglasses, Trousers, Wristband
Personality, Carefree, Selfish
Role, Father, Husband, Part-time Worker
Engages in, Flirting, Infidelity
Subject of, Infidelity, Netorare


Husband of Nozomi and father of Nanoka and Taichi.

Reiji is a irresponsible guy, who likes to slack off and flirt around while at work.
He can't cope with his wife, who is constantly scolding him, so he rather is flirting around and goes skirt chasing than spending time with his family.

Asama Taichi
Asama Taichi浅間 太一 
Hair, Brown, Short
Eyes, Amber
Body, Kid, Olive, Slim
Clothes, Shorts, Sports Shoes, T-shirt
Personality, Energetic, Nature Lover
Role, Elementary School Student, Older Brother, Son


Son of Reiji and Nozomi.

Taichi is an energetic young boy, who loves to play video games and instantly takes a liking to Akira.