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Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius

TitleSunrider: Mask of Arcadius
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperLove in Space
PublishersLove in Space & Sekai Project
Love in Space & Sekai Project
Alternative version
Sunrider Academy
Sunrider: Liberation Day, VNStat


As Captain Kayto Shields, embark on a galactic voyage of heroism and survival. With his home world destroyed and his nation conquered, the inexperienced Captain Shields, and his newly minted vessel, the Sunrider, are left as the only hope against a galactic evil intent on subjugating all sentient life. Together with his loyal First Officer, he undertakes to find allies across the stars to retake his home planet and restore peace to the galaxy.

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Kayto Shields
AliasesCommander of the Free Cera Forces, Captain Shields
HairShort, Spiky Bangs, White
BodyPale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesMilitary Uniform
PersonalityFriendly, Hardworker, Proactive, Smart
RoleCaptain, Childhood Friend, Comrade, Older Brother, Soldier, Student Council Vice President
Engages inDrinking, Fighting, Planning
Subject ofInjury
Voiced byJonathan Michael Cooke


Captain in the Cera Space Force. Commander of the Sunrider. Has a younger sister living on Cera, whom he keeps a picture of in his office, who is MIA. Conducting his own war on PACT and is the highest ranking officer from Cera that isn't either dead or surrendered with the rest of Cera.

Main characters

Asaga Oakrun
HairBun, Long, Red, Twin Tails
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesGloves, Pressure Suit, Swimsuit, Uniform
PersonalityBrave, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Honorable, Kind, Loyal, Optimist, Outgoing
RoleComrade, Daughter, Mecha Pilot, Mercenary
Engages inFighting
Voiced byKira Buckland


A self declared hero of justice, Asaga wanders the galaxy doing odd jobs for the cause of freedom, justice and a little money on the side. Despite her apparent lack of maturity, she is an ace pilot and can fly as easily as she walks. She possesses an eternally optimistic disposition and has a strong "can do" attitude.

Her ryder is called Black Jack.

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Ava Crescentia
AliasesFirst Officer Crescentia, Commander Crescentia
MeasurementsHeight: 169cm
HairBlunt Bangs, Brown, Hime Cut, Sidehair, Straight, Waist Length+
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesCuffs, Military Uniform, Swimsuit
PersonalityCoodere, Loyal, Pragmatic, Serious, Smart, Strict, Watashi
RoleChildhood Friend, Comrade, Soldier, Student Council President
Engages inDrinking, Fighting, Investigation, Planning
Voiced byAmber Lee Connors


The Sunrider’s executive officer.

Strict, professional, and cold, Commander Ava Crescentia runs the ship with military discipline, despite the crew’s de facto position as privateers. She is a master organizer and can cut through paperwork and PACT hostiles alike.

Her inflexibility to the rules makes her unpopular with the crew, but she is the commander the Sunrider needs. She may confide to the captain that she is a poor leader, but in reality, she is the one truly in charge of the ship’s day to day operations.

She shared a relationship with the captain in her childhood, but has long abandoned any desire to rekindle their romance. Completely devoted to the safety of the crew and the liberation of Cera, she is willing to do whatever it takes to win the war.

Chigara Lynn Ashada
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm
HairBlue, Short, V Bangs, Violet
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBikini, Lab Coat, Lace Band Thigh-high Stockings, Pressure Suit, Ribbon Hair Accessory, Sailor School Uniform, Swimsuit, Uniform
PersonalityDeredere, Genius, Kind, Shy, Third Person, Watashi
RoleComrade, Mechanic, Mecha Pilot, Mercenary, Researcher, Scientist
Engages inDrinking, Fighting, Piloting
Subject ofBridal Carry
Voiced byMary Morgan


The Sunrider’s chief engineer.

She is a seemingly genius scientist who can perform feats of engineering which would be considered impossible by most standards. However, Chigara only nervously laughs and waves away any accolade whenever she pulls off a scientific miracle.

Her home world was one of the scientific centers of the galaxy, but was completely destroyed by a micro black hole in the Diode Catastrophe. The catastrophe was believed by experts to be an scientific experiment gone wrong, but Chigara maintains it was the work of sabotage.

Claude Triello
MeasurementsHeight: 166cm
HairPink, Sidehair, V Bangs, Waist Length+, Wavy
BodyBig Breasts, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBikini, High Heeled Shoes, Lace Garter Belt Stockings, Nurse's Cap, Nurse Uniform, Pressure Suit, Ribbon Tie, Sailor School Uniform, Uniform
PersonalityCarefree, Deredere, Energetic, Pervert, Strange, Third Person
RoleComrade, Mecha Pilot, Medical Doctor
Engages inDrinking, Fighting, Flirting, Piloting, Teasing
Voiced bySydney P.


The acting medical officer on board the Sunrider. Her medical credentials seem questionable, but seeing how the Sunrider had to leave port without a doctor, she’s the best the Sunrider has. Has a few screws loose in her head, and prone to forgetting things.

She appeared from seemingly out of nowhere and directed the Sunrider to one of the biggest discoveries of lost technology in the galaxy’s history. Despite being capable of missing the broadside of a battleship due to her weakness to motion sickness, Claude possesses a military grade ryder, called Bianca, with an unconventional electronic warfare suite. Where she acquired such a ryder remains a mystery. The captain has long suspected Claude of having ulterior motives for joining the ship, but she quickly waves away his attention with a strategic grope to his bottom.

Icari Isidolde
AliasesThe Mercenary
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm
HairBlack, Parted to Side, Ponytail, Sidehair, Straight, Waist Length+
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBikini, Pressure Suit, Sailor School Uniform, Uniform
ItemsHandgun, Katana
PersonalityCompetitive, Mischievous, Nature Lover, Serious, Short-tempered, Stubborn, Tsundere, Uchi, Vindictive
RoleAssassin, Comrade, Mecha Pilot, Mercenary
Engages inDrinking, Fighting, Piloting, Revenge
Subject ofTeasing
Voiced byAimee Smith


A mercenary who really has no interest in the captain at all. Really, why would you think she’d be interested in a loser like him.

She grew up in the rough parts of the galaxy and has a pragmatic approach to life. On the exterior, she is a confident and cold mercenary who can complete kill contracts without a second thought, but internally, she holds occasional regrets between jobs.

She has a rivalry turned begrudging friendship with the Alliance liaison officer Kryska Stares. While Icari correctly suspected Kryska’s divided loyalty upon Kryska’s first arrival to the ship, the two have since learned to trust each other.

Her ryder's name is the Phoenix and it specializes in close range combat.

Kryska Stares
AliasesLieutenant Stares, Soldier Boy
MeasurementsHeight: 171cm
HairBlue, Short, Wavy
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesMilitary Uniform, Pressure Suit, Swimsuit
PersonalityCompetitive, Confident, Jibun, Loyal, Patriotic, Serious, Tomboy
RoleComrade, Lieutenant, Mecha Pilot, Soldier
Engages inFighting, Investigation, Piloting, Teasing
Voiced byCayla Martin


The Alliance liaison officer on board the Sunrider.

Ostensibly there to coordinate efforts between the Sunrider and the Alliance Combined Fleet, Lieutenant Kryska Stares was viewed by the Sunrider’s crew as nothing more than an Alliance spy. Despite poor first impressions, Kryska gradually won the ship’s acceptance.

She has both boyish looks and personality, and is patriotic to the Alliance to the point of naivety. She views the Alliance Navy as a force of good in the galaxy and believes it can bring progress and democracy to the less civilized parts of the galaxy. She is proud of her rank in the Alliance and is a disciplined soldier who obeys military command without question.

She pilots a ryder called Paladin.

Sola Di Ryuvia
MeasurementsHeight: 165cm
HairShort, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, White
EyesAmber, Blue
BodyAverage Height, Pale, Slim, Young-adult, Younger Appearance
ClothesOne Piece Swimsuit, Pressure Suit, Uniform
ItemsSniper Rifle
PersonalityBoku, Honorable, Insightful, Loyal, Serious, Taciturn
RoleComrade, Mecha Pilot, Princess, Sniper, Superhuman, Warrior
Engages inDrinking, Fighting, Piloting, Self-sacrifice
Subject ofSurvival, Suspended Animation
Voiced byTina Kim


A cold and silent sniper from the ancient Ryuvian era.

She comes from a timeline two thousand years prior to the Neutral Rim War, when the Holy Ryuvian Empire stretched across the galaxy and the Infinite Emperor reigned from the star palace as a god. However, her time was one of strife, as her father, the crown prince, assassinated the Infinite Emperor, and placed the blame upon his half brother, Crow Harbor. The assassination sparked a civil war which threatened to destroy the Empire, unless drastic measures were taken. Sola, a child born from the former crown prince’s affair with a peasant girl, was kidnapped and impressed into service on board the Holy Empire’s ultimate weapon, the Sharr’Lac.

In the decisive battle against Crow Harbor’s fleet, the Sharr’Lac’s ultimate weapon was activated at the supposed cost of Sola’s life, and destroyed everything within a half light year radius.

Somehow, Sola then woke up two thousand years in the future and shortly afterwards joined the Sunrider’s crew.

Pilots the Seraphim, a Ryuvian ryder.

Side characters

Cosette Cosmos
MeasurementsHeight: 156cm
HairBlond, Parted to Side, Short
BodyAverage Height, Kid, Pale, Slim
ClothesPressure Suit
PersonalityAtashi, Confident, Holds Grudges, Loud, Short-tempered, Violent
RoleAntagonist, Criminal, Mecha Pilot, Pirate, Revolutionary, Villain
Engages inFighting, Piloting
Voiced byJill Harris


A feared space pirate, Cosette’s name is reviled through most of civilized space. She entered the life of crime starting at birth and now assumes control of much of the galaxy’s marauding pirate gangs. Despite her infamy, she is a folk hero among the poor for her brazen attacks on the richest nations in the galaxy. However, her brutal methods of retaining power and her merciless attacks on civilian vessels make her an unquestionable villain to most of civilized society.

She pilots a ryder call the Havoc.

Harold Grey
AliasesAdmiral Grey
HairBeard, Moustache, Short, White
BodyOld, Pale, Slim
ClothesMilitary Uniform
PersonalityPatriotic, Pragmatic
RoleCommander, Soldier
Engages inFighting, Planning


An aging Admiral in the Alliance Fleet, commander of the Emerald Fleet. A calculating man who recognizes, when most of the Alliance doesn't, the threat that PACT poses to the galaxy.

Veniczar B. Cullen
AliasesVeniczar Porkchops
HairMoustache, Orange
BodyAdult, Overweight, Pale
PersonalityAmbitious, Arrogant, Coward, Idiot, Lazy, Overconfident
RoleAntagonist, Commander, Villain
Releases> Side character - r31057:Sunrider: First Arrival (Beta 4)


A former Imperial admiral who joined PACT on the eve of New Eden’s fall. Cullen’s betrayal allowed the PACT fleet to sneak past the dark side of New Eden’s moon undetected and catch the remnants of the Imperial fleet off guard. While ostensibly a PACT Veniczar, Cullen still surrounds himself with lavish riches and still indulges in all the comforts of Imperial life. While his subordinates uniformly despise him, Cullen’s political power has ensured his position in the PACT fleet.

Veniczar B. Fontana
AliasesVeniczar S. Fontana, Seisar Fontana
HairShoulder-length, Violet
BodyPale, Slim, Young-adult
PersonalityLoyal, Secretive
RoleAntagonist, Commander, Researcher, Revolutionary, Villain
Engages inPlanning


Dark and secretive, Fontana serves as the director of PACT’s secret weapons research. While ambitious, Fontana has proven himself loyal to Veniczar Arcadius. Fontana may be the second most powerful man in PACT, and is viewed as Arcadius’ right hand man. He also commands a fleet of PACT’s most technologically advanced ships, and is a ruthless villain who cannot be underestimated.

Veniczar S. Arcadius
ClothesMask, Suit
PersonalityAmbitious, Cold-hearted, Cruel, Dishonest, Mysterious, Secretive
RoleAntagonist, Commander, Mecha Pilot, Politician, Revolutionary, Villain
Engages inBetrayal


Veniczar S. Arcadius is the mysterious leader of PACT, intent on dominating every human being in the galaxy. He/she was the leader of The PACT Revolution since it's mid stages, so theoretically he/she should be in it's sixties. Despite this, due to his/her young looks and short stature he/she appears young. Combining this with his/her mask and the fact that he/she always speaks through a computer, a lot of people suspect that he/she were different people, and that the name of Arcadius may have passed through a lot of leaders to make the illusion of an immortal leader. This precisely, immortality, seems to be the obsession of he/she, or at least the current Arcadius.

Make an appearance

Jaylor vi Ryuvia XII
AliasesKing Jaylor
HairGrey, Long, Long Beard
BodyOld, Pale, Slim
ClothesCrown, Robe
RoleFather, King, Widower
Subject ofIllness
Releases> Makes an appearance - r31057:Sunrider: First Arrival (Beta 4)


The current King of the Holy Ryuvian Empire. An aged man who embodies what the Holy Ryuvian Empire has become: a weak shadow of its former self clinging to the old glory. He lost his wife 10 years ago to a pirate attack and only has one child, a daughter, who has gone missing. His health is also failing due to his age.

<hidden by spoiler settings>

Sophita Brooks
HairBlond, Bun
ClothesGlasses, Suit


The Vice Secretary of Operations of the Mining Confederation.