Gambler ☆ Jessica ~The Erotic Gambling!!~

ギャンブラー☆ジェシカ ~The Erotic Gambling!!~

TitleGambler ☆ Jessica ~The Erotic Gambling!!~
Original titleギャンブラー☆ジェシカ ~The Erotic Gambling!!~
Publishers Valkyria


Jessica is traveling across the world in search of her mother, a professional gambler who went missing. One day she's invited to participate in the "Giocatore Fortissimo" on the luxury cruise ship Arcobaleno, where all the answers are waiting...

Knowing it's a trap, she steps aboard, and into a wildly erotic tournament. This Arcobaleno is an oasis of debauchery, its game tailored to the bottom-most fantasies of degenerate thrill seekers. In a microcosm of modern society, the "audience" uses money and power to influence the "participant", causing her to shiver with fear and quiver with pleasure, whether she wants it or not.

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