Mou, Eewa... Suki ni Shite


Mou, Eewa... Suki ni Shite
TitleMou, Eewa... Suki ni Shite
Original titleもう、ええわ・・・好きにして
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers BL Japan & Green☆Stars


This is the is the story of spineless protagonist Midorikawa Yoshiya, and the beginning of the worst days of his life when one day when picking up the talent he was in charge of, he finds out his client demands sex as stress relief.

Lacking the capability of either resisting or quitting the job, (with the services turning now into a common routine) it doesn’t take long for said talent to cause trouble during a TV show which leads to Yoshiya catching the ‘peculiar’ interest of well-known producer – Kagura Seiji, who demands for Yoshiya to put a lotar up his ass as one of the tasks for Yasuto being able to go on stage again.

Now add in a brother unrelated-by-blood with yandere tendencies – Miyabi, and it’s like putting a harmless blind sheep in the middle of hungry wolves when it coms to Yoshiya keeping any change to resist the men that surround him.

[from Koorin's blog]