Sensei 2


TitleSensei 2
Original titleせ・ん・せ・い2
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers D.O.
 G-Collections & JAST USA
 Macho Studio & Master Media & Triada
Sensei 3


Shuichi Nakata is from one of the most powerful families in Japan. After the death of his father, he moved out to live with his childhood friend, an older girl named Kumiko. The two of them have lived under the same roof for so long that they're like brother and sister. As time passes she becomes a teacher, and Shuichi finds himself attending to the same school she teaches at. But when he learns that Kumiko is engaged to a teacher he hates, he crafts a devious plan to take her virginity before her new husband can, which catches more than one teacher in his sexual trap.

[Edited from JAST USA]

High Amounts of Rape 3.0 No Backlog 3.0 Heroine with Pubic Hair 3.0 More Than Seven Endings 3.0 Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation) 3.0 High Sexual Content 3.0 Sexual Slavery 3.0 Unavoidable Rape 2.8 Multiple Endings 2.7 Male Protagonist 2.7 ADV 2.6 Student Protagonist 2.5 Teacher Heroine 2.5 Sexual Blindfold 2.5 Bondage 2.5 School 2.5 Anal Sex 2.5 Boobjob 2.5 Blowjob 2.5 Principal Heroine 2.5 Object Insertion 2.5 Dildos 2.3 Rape with Blackmail 2.3 Married Heroine 2.3 Sex Involving Drugs 2.3 Rapist Protagonist 2.2 Villainous Protagonist 2.2 Sex on Toilet 2.0 High School 2.0 Fictional Modern Day Japanese Town 2.0 Timid Heroine 2.0 Group Sex of One Female and Several Males 2.0 Adult Heroine 2.0 Netori 2.0 Branching Plot 2.0 Flashback 2.0 Urination Fetish 2.0 Vibrators 2.0 Hidden Vibrator 2.0 Remote-controlled Vibrator 2.0 Sex in Public Places 2.0 Missionary Position 2.0 Sixty-nine 2.0 Handjob 2.0 Torture 2.0 Anilingus 2.0 BDSM 2.0 High School Student Protagonist 2.0 Cunnilingus 2.0 Quickie Fix Position 2.0 Loli Support Character 2.0 Sex in Classroom 2.0 Orgasm Denial 2.0 Handcuffed Sex 2.0 Pubic Hair Shaving 2.0 Single Hole Multiple Objects Insertion 2.0 Enema 2.0 Doggy Style 2.0 Chastity Belt 2.0 Naked Sprites 2.0 Ending List 2.0 Fingering 2.0 Mindbreak 2.0 Bleep Censor 2.0 Oyakodon 2.0 Standing Sex 2.0 Sitting Sex 2.0 Discreet Sex 2.0 Rape Involving Drugs 2.0 Bathroom Sex 2.0 Ending Scene Recollection 2.0 Heroine with Children 2.0 Heroine with Garter Belt 2.0 No Opening Movie 2.0 Early Sexual Content 1.8 Loli Heroine 1.5 Group Sex of One Male and Several Females 1.5 Nukige 1.5 Osananajimi Heroine 1.4 Group Sex 1.3 Battle of Wits 1.0

Main characters

Sawada Kumiko
Sawada Kumiko沢田 久美子 
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm, Weight: 48kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 87-57-88cm
Hair, Brown, Long, Pubic Hair, Slicked Back, Straight
Eyes, Red
Body, Average Height, D Cup, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Glasses, Headband, Skirt, Skirt Suit, Thigh-high Stockings
Role, Childhood Friend, Submissive Partner, Teacher
Subject of, Rape, Rape Attempt, Sexual Corruption
Engages in (Sexual), Bathroom Sex, Blowjob, Boobjob, Discreet Sex, Sex in Classroom, Sex in Public Places, Twin Blowjob
Subject of (Sexual), Anal Sex, Butterfly, Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Double Penetration (Group Sex), Quickie Fix, Rope Bondage, Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation), Sitting Sex, Spoons, Standing Sex, Tominagi, Vaginal Fingering


Kumiko grew up being protected by Shuichi, so she feels there is a lot of good in him; she is that type of kind person. In fact, she brought him to her school so he could grow to be good and decent, but she still fears a part of him.

[From Ben Woodhouse's Sensei 2 Walkthrough]

Side characters

Itou Miku
Itou Miku伊東 美久 
Hair, Odango, Pubic Hair, Short, Violet
Eyes, Violet
Body, Kid, Pale, Short
Clothes, Hair Tie, Skirtall
Items, Elementary School Backpack
Personality, Airhead, Shy
Role, Daughter, Elementary School Student, Illegitimate Child
Subject of, Kidnapping, Rape Attempt, Stalking


Miku is a daughter of Kyouno. Because of the circumstances behind her birth she has never met her father and has only her mother for support. She is also the only thing her mother really cares about which will become exploitable by Shuichi if he decides to chase after Kyouno.

Tomonori Isotani
Tomonori Isotani友則 礒谷 
Hair, Brown, Short
Body, Average Height, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Suit
Role, Teacher
Engages in, Bullying, Rape Attempt
Subject of, Insanity


Tomonori Isotani is a world history teacher at Yamigaura High School. He looks down on Shuichi and at one point will even beat him up for no apparent reason. That will be the crucial point when Shuichi will discover himself.

Make an appearance

Nakata Shuichi's Grandfather
Nakata Shuichi's Grandfather中田修一の祖父 
Hair, Grey, Moustache, Short
Body, Old, Pale
Clothes, Kimono
Role, Grandfather, Head of Household, No Name
Subject of, Death


Nakata Shuichi's Grandfather is never named during the course of the story. He only makes an appearance in the beginning and is featured only in one of the routes as a side-character. He is the main head of the Nakata family and as such he wields considerable political power in Japan which will be of help to Shuichi at some point.

Samejima Tadashi
Samejima Tadashi鮫島 只史 
Hair, Black, Short
Body, Overweight, Ugly
Clothes, Glasses, Jacket, Jeans
Personality, Pervert
Role, Nephew
Engages in, Kidnapping, Rape Attempt, Stalking


Samejima Tadashi is Samejima Yoshito's nephew. They both belong to a wealthy prestigious family. But Tadashi has a dark secret. He likes to stalk little girls and coincidentally or not his latest target was none other than Itou Miku, the only daughter of Itou Kyouno. Will Miku be saved from the clutches of this maniac? We'll have to wait and see.

Samejima Yoshito
Samejima Yoshito鮫島 義人 
Hair, Black, Short
Body, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Blindfold
Role, Executive, Uncle, Wealthy
Engages in, Non-consensual Porn Filming, Rape
Subject of, Blackmail


Samejima Yoshito is Samejima Tadashi's uncle. They both belong to a wealthy prestigious family. But Yoshito has a very dark secret from his past, when he was still the class president in high school. A certain tape will prove to be his undoing.