Yandere na Imouto to no Kurashikata


TitleYandere na Imouto to no Kurashikata
Original titleヤンデレな妹との暮らし方
AliasesHow To Be Roommates With A Yandere Imouto
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers MAXAL


The AVG about living with an obsessed lovesick little sister.
For fans of the genre where love comes barreling at you full-force!

My name is Junichi. I'm average in every way.
You could call me an everyman.

I have a little sister named Shiho.

She's one year younger,
has a floofy splash of hair, big eyes, a perfectly formed doll's nose,
and tender looking lips......

My little sister was basically very pretty.

But there was something wrong inside.

This girl, she would get attached to something and just go nuts.

It's like she was born with too much love to give,
and immediately aimed it all at me. She's yandere.
She's psychotically in love.
I don't object, but...

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