Saiminjutsu Re


TitleSaiminjutsu Re
Original title催眠術Re
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperFudegaki Soft
Publishers AiCherry & Fudegaki Soft
Alternative version


Fudegaki Soft's complete renewal of the original Saiminjutsu developed in 2001! The original madness-inducing contents untouched but with art all newly redrawn and added by Oosaki Shinya of "Tsuboi-kun no Switch!", along with a new character added! Additionally, as requested by everyone when first sold, a complete renewal has been done with various new scenes added! Art and scenario have been have more than doubly increased in volume!

In particular, we'll deliver intense and bizarre eroticism from the player's rival character, Murakoshi Shinta's activities!

[Translated from Fudegaki Soft's product summary.]

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