Oitsume ~Ryoujoku no Utage~

鬼爪 ~陵辱の宴~

TitleOitsume ~Ryoujoku no Utage~
Original title鬼爪 ~陵辱の宴~
DeveloperPonytail Soft
Publishers Ponytail Soft


Main character as well as a number of other participants are thrown into an old abandoned school building. With traps set everywhere, nine people have to compete for food, shelter and trust on their escape survival path. What's the purpose of this madness? Who's the mastermind? What's the fate of the winner and losers?

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2003-10-0318+  Oitsume ~Ryoujoku no Utage~Fully voicedStory: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD


Character summary

Main character Ashihara Keina
Voiced by Yuikawa Miki
Main character Ishidate Fukino
Voiced by Takahashi Yuuki
Main character Kawagishi Karin
Voiced by Sakurai Shouko
Main character Kodachi Rusu
Voiced by Shimada Kaori
Main character Makikawa Mizue
Voiced by Kiriyama Minae
Main character Mori Suzu
Voiced by Nonaka Kurumi
Main character Takigawa Kotone
Voiced by Kiriyama Minae
Side character Takahara Takaya

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