Pure ~Pure~

Pure ~ピュア~

TitlePure ~Pure~
Original titlePure ~ピュア~
Publishers Psycho


Main character receives a huge heritage after parents death. He finds a strange girl Yurika in the basement. Girl does not remember anything, and protagonist decides to keep her at his place for the time being.

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2001-07-0618+  Pure ~Pure~Non-freeCommercial3 CDs
2012-10-1218+  Pure ~Pure~Non-freeCommercialInternet download  


Character summary

Main character Hamasaki Mayumi
Voiced by Nekono Miruku
Main character Kanzaki Rika
Main character Kido Shouko
Main character Misaki Saya
Voiced by Kamata Chitose
Main character Yurika
Voiced by Ryou Yuuran

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