Tsubasa no Uta


TitleTsubasa no Uta
Original titleつばさのうた
DeveloperOctave & Softfactory
PublishersOctave & Blueberry Soft


A beautiful angel Rutiel suddenly appears before the main character. She confesses that she is expelled from Heavens for losing her wings. The search does not bear fruits, so they decide to live together for the time being. A sick younger sister and a mischievous devil girl will keep them company.

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2003-10-3118+Tsubasa no Uta
2007-05-1818+Tsubasa no Uta


  • Vocals
  • Kaibara ElenaOP "Tsubasa no Uta" and ED "Anata ga Nijimu Kiseki"

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Character summary

ProtagonistHijimori Yuu
Main characterHijimori Yukari
Voiced by Kimura Ayaka
Main characterMichael
Main characterNeige
Voiced by Misaki Rina
Main characterRutiel
Voiced by Kaibara Elena
Main characterZohar
Voiced by Misumi

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