Evil Angel's Egg

Evil Angel's Egg
TitleEvil Angel's Egg
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The lord of the sixth realm is 300 years old.

At last, the time has come to make child and carry on his name, which can be done with the same gender if he so wishes.

One night in a dream, he has a revelation.

Having spent three centuries in dismal isolation, this lord who shall make a child with a human will love his kind until death, and live for no one else.

Light romantic parallel world BL school ADV game.

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2013-0815+  Evil Angel's Egg - Trial EditionFreewareDoujin960x600Internet download  
2013-09-0715+  Evil Angel's EggNon-freeDoujin960x600Internet download  

Character summary

Protagonist Entei
Main character Asaka Taketora
Main character Fujima Tooru
Main character Hasegawa Seri
Main character Lenka
Side character Akaha
Side character Ichii Emi

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