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TitlePublicationResolutionVoicedReleased ▴Notes
Rinkaiten -Critical point- First Press Special EditionNon-free, commercial640x480Unknown1998-07-2418+
Rinkaiten -Critical point- Regular EditionNon-free, commercial640x480Unknown1998-07-2418+
Rinkaiten ~Critical point~ Memorial SelectionNon-free, commercial640x480Unknown2000-09-1418+
Critical Point - Regular EditionNon-free, commercialUnknownUnknown2002-0318+Regular Edition removes Japanese mosaic censorship over genitals.

Currently out of print.
Critical Point - Limited Collector's EditionNon-free, commercial640x480Fully voiced2002-0318+"This Limited Collector's edition features the original, unchanged CG artwork from the Japanese version, presented in exactly the same as Japanese gamers played this game on its release in Japan! Only the game interface screens and dialogue have been translated to English - no sex scene modifications have been done for this special version of the English market release!"

Only 300 was made, and due to the mosaics it was cheaper than the Regular Edition, started at 29.95$ (10$ cheaper than the Regular Edition) and got sold out at 9.95$.

Currently out of print.
Critical PointNon-free, commercialUnknownUnknown200218+
Critical PointNon-free, commercialUnknownUnknown200418+
Critical Point - Download EditionNon-free, commercialUnknownFully voiced2008-0718+