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Hageshiku Botebara! Senpai, Watashi no Ko, Mitomete Kudasai!!

激しくボテ腹! センパイ、私のコ、認めてくださいっ!!

TitleHageshiku Botebara! Senpai, Watashi no Ko, Mitomete Kudasai!!
Original title激しくボテ腹! センパイ、私のコ、認めてくださいっ!!
DeveloperAcme X
PublishersAcme X & Dennou Club


“It's a creampie without contraception!”
Thus were the words of the savage brutes who targetted her…

Nami, a pure and naive who always has her head up in the clouds, whose only noteworthy feature is her liveliness. Letting her heart be filled with high hopes and expectations, she begins attending the same school as the senpai that she admired.

The very picture of a typical shoujo manga heroine, Nami lived her life blissfully ignorant of how truly scary men can be.
However, nothing but terrifying fiends awaited her in this school, be them men or women.

Her volleyball club adviser, fellow club members, classmates, dormitory roommates and the dormitory manager... Even the surrounding neighbourhood’s bums, all of them constantly aimed at Nami's fresh and ripe body.

Will she really be able to offer her chastity to her beloved senpai?

[From j-addicts]


Japanese (2)
2003-12-1218+Hageshiku Bote Hara! Senpai, Watashi no Ko, Mitomete Kudasai!!
2005-09-2918+Acme 2 in Pack -Gangan Namauchi & Hageshiku Botebara- DVDPG


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Character summary

Fujiwara NamiProtagonist
Voiced by Enokizu Mao
Hidaka YukiMain character
Katsuragi YayoiMain character
Voiced by Asou Akira
MikaMain character
Voiced by Kodama Satomi
Tachibana KikyouMain character
Voiced by Yukishiro Ayari

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