Edit history of Mugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~

v1457.132019-03-15 at 09:04nekonekogirlMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~staff
v1457.122016-11-30 at 17:46varioMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~scenario
v1457.112015-07-02 at 09:07traumatizerMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~staff
v1457.102015-02-26 at 10:49shinnewMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~Staff.
v1457.92012-03-11 at 10:42shinnewMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~Screenshots, relations. The end of 1.5 leads into the second game. Not sure what to do with the relation with the first game since the official
v1457.82010-05-02 at 18:23multiMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~Reverse relation update caused by revision v1333.7
v1457.72010-05-02 at 18:21multiMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~Reverse relation update caused by revision v1458.6
v1457.62010-03-13 at 22:14immlffMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~original title fix, source link
v1457.52010-03-12 at 21:54ofenMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~correct original title
v1457.42009-06-24 at 19:06jonhmasterMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~.
v1457.32009-03-01 at 22:27immlffMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~that was a mistake
v1457.22009-03-01 at 22:23immlffMugen Kairou 1.5 ~Rensa~title, cover, relation(partially guessed)
v1457.12009-02-13 at 23:43swiftnissityMugen Kairou 1.5Added details