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v1460.142016-12-03 at 13:40traumatizerMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~cast
v1460.132016-11-23 at 13:29varioMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~staff
v1460.122016-11-07 at 06:24mordonMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~Added Vocals (OP)
v1460.112015-04-18 at 20:40traumatizerMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~+2
v1460.102015-02-26 at 12:35shinnewMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~Staff.
v1460.92015-01-29 at 09:01eacilMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~Staff fixed according to the new update (script/scenario).
v1460.82015-01-29 at 04:13eacilMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~staff linked
v1460.72010-11-29 at 11:08izmosmolnarMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~proper relation (none of the scenarios are actual continuations), and changed a few screens
v1460.62010-11-27 at 23:57izmosmolnarMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~alias, actual cover
v1460.52009-11-20 at 11:59nacchiMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~Added English alias
v1460.42009-09-20 at 09:35enzeroxMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~added screenshots
v1460.32009-08-20 at 02:30immlffMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~reverting its length to medium, feel free to change this in case it isn't correct
v1460.22009-08-20 at 01:00immlffMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~fixed relations
v1460.12009-02-14 at 00:07swiftnissityMinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~Added details.