Private Life


Private Life
TitlePrivate Life
Original titleプライベート・ライフ
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers E.D.E.N.


Sugihara Makoto is a 2nd year student in a boys school. He hasn't particularly been studying or falling in love, but rather just getting through each day. However, one winter day he ends up being forced to attend a boring sounding committee that calls itself 'The Graduation Ceremony Success Committee.'

Teachers, upperclassmen, peers, and old friends. Even though it doesn't seem like it, everything changes bit by bit every day. What kind of events could be awaiting him?

The story progresses in sound novel format. You are Makoto and you progress by making various choices. Do your best and try to get the happy ending.

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2006  Private Life - Revised Edition - Trial EditionFreewareDoujin640x480Internet download  
2007-12-1518+  Private Life - Revised EditionNon-freeDoujin640x480Internet download  

Character summary

Protagonist Sugihara Makoto
Main character Fujiwara Takashi
Main character Katase Wataru
Main character Rokujou Ryuuichi
Main character Saitou Shinobu
Main character Sasaki Kiyohiko
Main character Sawano Yoshiaki

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  Private Life - Revised Edition - Trial Edition

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