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Simoun Ibara Sensou ~Fuuin no Ri Maajon~

シムーン 異薔薇戦争〜封印のリ·マージョン〜

TitleSimoun Ibara Sensou ~Fuuin no Ri Maajon~
Original titleシムーン 異薔薇戦争〜封印のリ·マージョン〜
PublishersMarvelous Interactive
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Related anime[DB-ANN] Simoun (TV Series, 2006)


It's a story of a group of girls who pilot mighty airships Simouns to defend their nation against potential usurpers. The attack of Argentum invaders is finally over. But when Simoun is sent to secure the area of ancient ruins, the neighboring principality Simulacrum ships are already guarding the place. Girls get caught up in a war.

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2007-06-2115+Simoun Ibara Sensou ~Fuuin no Ri Maajon~ First Press Limited Edition
2007-06-2115+Simoun Ibara Sensou ~Fuuin no Ri Maajon~ Regular Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Voiced by Niino Michi
AltyMain character
AshuraMain character
Voiced by Fukuen Misato
KaimMain character
NevirilMain character
Voiced by Takahashi Rieko
ParaiettaMain character
Voiced by Koshimizu Ami
RimoneMain character
Voiced by Noto Mamiko
SilesandraMain character
Voiced by Kitamura Eri

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