Edit history of Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate

v14649.202017-08-22 at 15:24nutellafanDiabolik Lovers Dark FateOfficial title is in all caps, like the other games.
v14649.192017-02-13 at 09:33nekonekogirlDiabolik Lovers Dark Fatestaff
v14649.182017-02-13 at 09:30multiDiabolik Lovers Dark FateReverse relation update caused by revision v18945.3
v14649.172016-08-27 at 00:12kaysteDiabolik Lovers Dark Fate+1
v14649.162016-05-11 at 14:47nutellafanDiabolik Lovers Dark FateAdded credit.
v14649.152016-01-28 at 06:25nutellafanDiabolik Lovers Dark FateLyricists that do not contribute to the actual music composition process are entered into the database as "Staff", not "Composer". Please see this
v14649.142015-09-27 at 06:32nonononDiabolik Lovers Dark FateSatoi had left the Diabolik Lovers project in 2014. So...
v14649.132015-05-14 at 08:40traumatizerDiabolik Lovers Dark Fatefixed some of those staff notes
v14649.122015-04-17 at 19:21multiDiabolik Lovers Dark FateReverse relation update caused by revision v17345.2
v14649.112015-03-09 at 12:46nutellafanDiabolik Lovers Dark FateAdded staff.
v14649.102015-02-11 at 12:16nutellafanDiabolik Lovers Dark FateSatoi is no longer doing the art for Diabolik Lovers, so please don't add her. However, she is still the original character designer.
v14649.92015-01-31 at 09:38nutellafanDiabolik Lovers Dark FateReplaced summary with a more accurate translation of the official website's story.
v14649.82015-01-30 at 15:36nutellafanDiabolik Lovers Dark FateAdded VAs.
v14649.72015-01-30 at 01:09savagetigerDiabolik Lovers Dark Fatecast
v14649.62015-01-26 at 14:52nutellafanDiabolik Lovers Dark FateAdded regular edition cover art.
v14649.52014-07-26 at 20:33vn-maverickDiabolik Lovers Dark FateForgot to put the space inbetween
v14649.42014-07-26 at 20:32vn-maverickDiabolik Lovers Dark FateAdded description from cannonette's translation on tumblr.com
v14649.32014-03-01 at 23:41binfujiwaraDiabolik Lovers Dark Fatealias, temp cover
v14649.22014-02-07 at 07:11suzumemichiDiabolik Lovers Dark Fate-
v14649.12014-02-07 at 07:10suzumemichiDiabolik Lovers Dark FateGame announced