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v147.432017-05-10 at 10:02pantsulineEve: Burst ErrorMade it clearer that Fujita Masato is the director of the 2003 remake. (Previous revision just said "Eve version" which could cause some confusion)
v147.422017-05-08 at 23:07jazz957Eve: Burst Errorstaff
v147.412017-05-04 at 08:51multiEve: Burst ErrorReverse relation update caused by revision v12675.4
v147.402017-05-04 at 03:40multiEve: Burst ErrorReverse relation update caused by revision v12675.3
v147.392017-03-26 at 08:15eacilEve: Burst ErrorIt's a beautiful cover, ok, but original cover has not to be replaced by the one of a remake
v147.382017-01-09 at 15:18varioEve: Burst Errorstaff
v147.372016-12-30 at 16:16pantsulineEve: Burst Erroradded screens from A
v147.362016-12-02 at 12:23pantsulineEve: Burst Erroradded voice actor for character
v147.352016-11-28 at 02:11pantsulineEve: Burst ErrorAdded Mayako's original VA
v147.342016-11-28 at 02:05pantsulineEve: Burst ErrorAdded more cast memebers
v147.332016-11-28 at 01:33pantsulineEve: Burst ErrorAdded more cast members. Also, deleted the note for Marina, as it should be obvious what versions her VA is in through process of elimination.
v147.322016-08-17 at 07:21shinnewEve: Burst ErrorPSP version has its own entry.
v147.312016-05-24 at 23:12weilaiEve: Burst Error..
v147.302016-04-08 at 03:39jazz957Eve: Burst Errorstaff
v147.292015-11-28 at 02:36jazz957Eve: Burst ErrorAliases
v147.282015-11-28 at 02:17jazz957Eve: Burst ErrorFix
v147.272015-11-28 at 02:17jazz957Eve: Burst ErrorStaff
v147.262015-09-22 at 21:08eacilEve: Burst Errororiginal cover which is not a box scanned
v147.252015-07-17 at 12:19multiEve: Burst ErrorReverse relation update caused by revision v17976.1
v147.242015-03-27 at 09:54wakaranaiEve: Burst Errorcast
v147.232015-02-13 at 13:26shinnewEve: Burst ErrorStaff.
v147.222015-02-11 at 15:01gundamaceEve: Burst ErrorAdded cast.
v147.212015-02-08 at 18:02tenteishinshiEve: Burst Erroradd
v147.202015-02-03 at 20:18shinnewEve: Burst ErrorComposer.
v147.192015-02-03 at 10:41tenteishinshiEve: Burst ErrorFix
v147.182015-02-03 at 10:33tenteishinshiEve: Burst ErrorAdd
v147.172015-02-03 at 08:42shinnewEve: Burst ErrorAlias.
v147.162015-02-03 at 06:47gundamaceEve: Burst ErrorAdded cast.
v147.152015-02-03 at 06:40gundamaceEve: Burst ErrorAdded staff.
v147.142012-05-08 at 15:11yirbaEve: Burst Errorencubed link
v147.132012-04-18 at 11:45slv76Eve: Burst ErrorAdd 2 pic
v147.122010-02-04 at 21:13acucar11Eve: Burst ErrorScreenshots
v147.112009-11-09 at 14:47izmosmolnarEve: Burst Erroralias
v147.102009-10-05 at 12:17multiEve: Burst ErrorReverse relation update caused by revision v2709.1
v147.92009-10-05 at 11:17multiEve: Burst ErrorReverse relation update caused by revision v2708.3
v147.82009-10-05 at 10:21multiEve: Burst ErrorReverse relation update caused by revision v2708.1
v147.72009-10-05 at 00:11multiEve: Burst ErrorReverse relation update caused by revision v740.5
v147.62008-06-23 at 00:23echomateriaEve: Burst Error
v147.52008-04-09 at 11:19echomateriaEve: Burst Error
v147.42008-03-14 at 17:37echomateriaEve: Burst Error
v147.32008-03-10 at 13:51echomateriaEVE: Burst Error
v147.22008-03-04 at 14:33echomateriaEVE: Burst Error
v147.12008-03-04 at 14:16echomateriaEVE: Burst Error