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Eve: Burst Error 1995-11-22 en/ja/ko Eve ~New Generation~ 2006-08-31 ja SequelPrequelEVE: The Lost One 1998-03-12 ja/zh SequelPrequelEve: Rebirth Terror 2019-04-25 N/A SequelPrequelEVE Zero 2000-03-30 ja/zh PrequelSequelBurst Error: Eve the 1st 2010-03-25 ja Alternative versionAdam: The Double Factor 1999-06-18 en/ja SequelPrequelEve Jan 2008-07-25 ja Same seriesShares charactersYokubou Kaiki Dai 398 Shou ... 2010-09-19 ja Etsuraku no Gakuen 1994-02-25 en/ja/ru Shares charactersEve: The Fatal Attraction 2001-09-27 ja Shares charactersAlternative version