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Nurunuru -Joshi Ryou no Tsuyagoto-

ぬるぬる -女子寮の艶事-

TitleNurunuru -Joshi Ryou no Tsuyagoto-
Original titleぬるぬる -女子寮の艶事-


Katsumi Ozaki is a journalist for a magazine. Miyuki Yoshino is his girlfriend, but they haven't even held hands yet. One day, Katsumi's boss tells him to sneak in and take some exotic pictures in a girls' dorm. At first, he doesn't want to do it. His friend is the building supervisor, and his girlfriend also lives there. However, curiosity eventually kicks in, and he decides to go. Your goal is to successfully sneak in and take pictures of these cute babes.

This game has full polygons, just like most games from NOISE. You'll also meet up with the broken hearted Rikako Nishikura, and Yu Asakura, whose weaknesses are known by the building supervisor, and many more! We're confident you'll get excited listening in on girls' private conversations and secretly taking their pictures. Sneak in and enjoy!!

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2001-11-0218+Nurunuru -Joshi Ryou no Tsuyagoto-
2002-11-2818+Nurunuru Joshi Ryou no Tsuyagoto - DVDPG Edition
2006-05-1218+Nurunuru Joshi Ryou no Tsuyagoto - DVDPG Low Price Edition
2008-08-1418+Noise DVDPG Box Kakuyaku Hen

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