Mikogui ~Mashu no Kurobako~

巫女喰イ ~魔手ノ黒箱~

TitleMikogui ~Mashu no Kurobako~
Original title巫女喰イ ~魔手ノ黒箱~
AliasesMikogui: The Black Box of Evil
Publishers Valkyria


For the girl he once knew, for his own revenge, Akitaka opens pandora's box, and unleashes tentacle hell. Akitaka has lost his memories. He reunites with Tsubasa for the first time since their childhood, and calls on the power of "Mago" to restore his mind... while Mago's instinct is to attack shrine maidens!

In all the chaos, Akitaka can't tell if the memories that have returned are real or not.
"You were deceived by the shrine maidens. Don't listen to the lies."
"Oniichan. Don't you remember me?"
Voices in his head grow stronger and his reasoning begins to crumble. What is true, and what's a lie? In the end, you must decide!

And once you do... will it be salvation, or an abyss of despair...!?
Witness the shocking conclusion for yourself!!

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