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Motto! Yagai Gakushuu ~Kaki Tokubetsu Koushuu Hen~

もっと! 野外学習~夏期特別講習編~

TitleMotto! Yagai Gakushuu ~Kaki Tokubetsu Koushuu Hen~
Original titleもっと! 野外学習~夏期特別講習編~
PublishersComplet's & N43 Project
Shares characters
Yagai Gakushuu
Yagai Gakushuu 2
Yagai Gakushuu 3
Shops» JP¥ 3850 @ DLsite
» JP¥ 7480 @ DLsite (bundle)


Present day Japan. In order to help to improve the relations of their students schools are starting to organize summer camps.
In these camps the participants are required to be nude all the time to help them socialize and to get a better understanding of the opposite sex.

Shortly after the events of the previous installment Shouta and Itsuki talk about their adventures to their classmates.

Inspired by their envy Aoi, who is the daughter of a rich family, decides to organize a new summer camp. For that she also invites students from other schools who already participated in former camps.

This time the story focuses on Kanae, a nature loving boy whose hobby is to watch birds and who has trouble to socialize with others.

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Main characters

Hayakita Itsuki早来 樹
BodyKid, Trap
ClothesDress, Lolita, Naked, Naked in Front of an Audience, School Uniform, Shorts, Swim Shorts, T-shirt
PersonalityReserved, Shy


Itsuki goes to the island with no idea what awaits him other than it's a place to foster relations between boys and girls. He likes to dress as a girl which his sister knows but very few others. When Rio finds out she makes an exception for him to wear clothes and forces him to wear a dress for several days. This simply increases his popularity with the girls.

Shinonome Aoi東雲 葵依
HairBlue, Waist Length+
BodyKid, Pale, Slim, Small Breast Sizes
ClothesKnee-high Socks, Naked, Naked in Front of an Audience, Ribbon Hair Tie
Voiced byIchigono Aisu


Rio's younger sister and Itsuki's classmate. She's got a crush on Itsuki which her sister uses to get her to have sex with him in front of an audience to ease her into life on the island. Because her sister is one of the counselors she's often teased by her and very often is 'volunteered' to have sex with many boys at once until complete exhaustion.

She's also weak at games and climaxes easily which causes her to lose to the other girls putting her into an endless cycle of sex.

She is the protagonist of the side story unlocked when the player first finishes the game.