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Fetish: Every Second Counts

TitleFetish: Every Second Counts
AliasesFetish: ESC
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Red Lotus
Alternative version
Fetish, VNStat


This is a story about the d'Andre family whose members are all mysterious and have eccentric hobbies. As hobbies supposed to be for your own pleasure, Hexia's and the rest of the family's seem to be a little too unique to be called just a hobby. However, one thing for sure, the consequences of their hobbies appear to be a a tad unpleasant. . .

You get to play the protagonist, Hexia, the d'Andre family's first born and only daughter.

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Hexia Vivien Dumont d'Andre
Birthday6 June
HairBlack, Shoulder-length
PersonalityCarefree, Strange
RoleNot a Virgin, Older Sister


Hexia is the first-born child of Theodore and Katherina. She had a strict upbringing and was expected to act just like a lady, since she is part of a noble family. But due to her parents' absence after she turned seven, she had so much liberty and forgot her lessons. This explains her having tattoos, dressing less conservatively, cutting her hair short, and sleeping casually with men.

Hexia's eyeball fetish was born because of Vier. For the longest time she had admired her brother's eyes and dreamed of "collecting" them to complete her collection, until she saw Cain.

Although she's sleeping with men and has suitors worthy of being her husband, it hasn't come across her mind to marry anyone. This is because she is in love with Cain. But with social standings in the way, they will never be together.

- She has a palm-sized tattoo of a rose at her back near the bottom and a thorny circlet tattoo on her left ankle.
- Hexia means "six."

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Main characters

Birthday1 January
HairRed, Short
Engages inCooking


<hidden by spoiler settings>

During his first weeks working under the d'Andre family, he started out as just a cleaner. Seeing really expensive stuff triggered his side as a thief. But since he was saved due to Hexia's kindness, he managed to stop himself.

He was also deeply attracted to Hexia, and even attempted to rape her. However, his attempt failed when he realized Hexia was rather willing to be stained. At that time, he fell in love with his mistress. He then became loyal and faithful to Hexia.

- His original eye color is gray, but due to a unique genetic mutation known as Alexandria's Genesis, his eyes turned to vivid violet.

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Vier d'Andre
Birthday11 April
HairBlack, Short
RoleYounger Brother
Engages inReading


Vier was born a decade after his mother, Katherina, gave birth to his elder sister, Hexia. He was an unwanted child and Katherina planned to abort him, but was stopped by his father, Theodore.

At the time he finally came into the world, his parents went on a trip and almost never came back. Because of this, Vier grew up in the maids' and Hexia's care, not knowing any parental love.

His poison fetish developed when he was once poisoned by a maid. He never knew humans could be damaged from the inside and was greatly fascinated. He started reading and researching from his father's books, and later bought his own.

His knowledge was so vast and advanced that it made his teachers and classmates find him weird to the extent that they feared him, resulting in Vier dropping out of school for good.

Since he rarely had any contact with his parents, Hexia was always the one he turned to whenever he faced any dilemmas. To him, Hexia's the only person he can fully trust.

He's jealous of Cain's close relationship with his sister, and even once tried to poison him.

- He is weak to cold weather.
- Vier means "four."

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Side characters

Alec Sage
Birthday20 November
HairBrown, Ponytail, Shoulder-length


Alec came from a middle-class family and is an only child. He was raised by his father, who was a policeman, and had been fascinated by his father's job.

During his teenage years, he had helped his father on cases and often solved them himself. At 18, he officially worked as an investigator.

<hidden by spoiler settings>

- He likes painting nude portraits of women.
- Ladies love his hair.

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Elaina d'Andre-Borrough
Birthday16 September
HairBrown, Ponytail, Shoulder-length
RoleAunt, Older Sister, Step Sister, Wife


Elaina became Theodore's sister when her mother married his father. She didn't like the idea of her mother getting married again, but since their company was close to being closed down because of bankruptcy, the marriage was done solely for business purposes.

She was rough towards Theodore at first, but later learned to be caring when she knew he was actually younger than her. Probably because Elaina only had younger sisters and an elder brother.

She was married to a businessman not through an arrangement, but because of love.

- Her mother married Theodore's father, and thus she became his step older sister.
- Her husband is a well-known businessman and has twin girls named Anais and Anaelle.

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Katherina Walker-d'Andre
Birthday7 December
ClothesEarrings, Necklace
RoleMother, Noble, Wife


Katherina is the youngest and most disciplined child of the family. She was considered the "perfect" offspring by her parents. But despite being wealthy, Katherina didn't have the chance of having anything she wants.

Everything she owned was decided and bought for her. This was to make Katherina into the perfect child. Katherina lived like a living doll controlled by her parents.

She also didn't complain when her mother set up for marriage with Theodore, but accepted it as she was supposed to. She never fell in love with her husband.

However, when she gave birth to her first child, Hexia, she swore she would give her child everything Katherina never had. This resulted in letting Hexia doing whatever she wanted, including committing crimes.

She never wanted a second child, and despises Vier.

Her interest in exotic food developed when she was on a trip to an underdeveloped city in Asia. There she was able to taste all sorts of meat from almost extinct species.

- Her marriage with Theodore was arranged by her mother long before she was born.
- Her behavior was due to her family's strict policies, since they are one of the noble families.

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Laura Civil
Birthday30 August
HairLong, Red


Laura is Elaina's cousin from the mother's side. She is Melinda's younger sister. Her fascination towards dolls and Vier was influenced by none other than Melinda.

<hidden by spoiler settings>

- One of Elaina's first degree cousins, and also the youngest.
- Her father is Scottish.
- She likes dressing up as a doll.
- Although she has suitors, she refuses to marry.

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Theodore d'Andre
Birthday14 November
HairBlack, Goatee, Short
RoleFather, Husband, Widower


Theodore came from a family of doctors and businessmen, and was the second youngest of four children. He chose to be in the business world due to his elder brother's influence.

As he became more immersed in the world of business, he began cooperating with various groups to further expand his knowledge about trades.

He didn't have any plans about marriage, let alone having children, but he had an arranged marriage to a family friend's daughter. But months after the marriage, his wife committed suicide.

Months after that, he met Katherina, who was seventeen at the time. He was particularly cold to her, and kept his distance. However, he began to have interest in her when Katherina once told him she wanted to die. Theodore felt he wanted to understand and know Katherina more.

Despite his interest towards Katherina, he never fell in love with her, even after they got married. To him, his marriage was only to bring his family good fortunate and give birth to heirs that will continue his family line.

Although he may not have loved Katherina, he holds his children dear.

- He has been married twice. Katherina is is second wife.
- He has always been a silent man.

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