Sword of Asumi

Sword of Asumi
TitleSword of Asumi
AliasesSwords of Edo: Asumi, The Sword of Asumi
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperAJTilley.com & Dharker Studio
Publishers Visual Novels Translate RU & Dharker Studio & AJTilley.com
 Visual Novels Translate RU


Welcome to Edo, a strange place of wonder, mysticism and danger. Within this once peaceful realm there now exists many factions hell bent on destroying Edo's leaders by any means that they can, so that they may rise up and lay claim to the land, its wealth and its people. Only the Justicars, female warriors who safeguard the continuity, stand between those factions and Edo's people.

Over the past few months a series of bombings have shook Edo to its very foundations, citizens riot in the capital as more perish each day. A terrorist group wanting Edo to once again become the Empire of Japan have claimed responsibility.

They claim if the Lord Regent is not deposed within the next ten days they will release a larger attack on the capital.

Asumi, a young Justicar, grew up among the old order of Assassins and has proven herself an adept death dealer countless times over the past few years. Now considered to be one of the lethal black cloaks, she was given the chance to serve by the Lord Regent himself.

Kami, another Justicar of Edo has tracked some of the terrorists back to an Academy on the fringes of the wastes, that specialises in training the best in martial combat. Unable to make any further progress she sends word to Asumi.

Acting as if she were a new student, Asumi en-rolls in the Academy to investigate the terrorists further.

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