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v14861.92015-09-20 at 06:41nutellafanSachi no TenbinEdited notes.
v14861.82015-03-11 at 11:38nutellafanSachi no TenbinAdded staff.
v14861.72015-02-13 at 11:44nutellafanSachi no TenbinAdded staff.
v14861.62015-01-30 at 16:54nutellafanSachi no TenbinAdded VA.
v14861.52014-11-09 at 13:54nutellafanSachi no TenbinAdded length.
v14861.42014-09-30 at 10:15nutellafanSachi no TenbinChanged to official story summary.
v14861.32014-09-29 at 18:46nutellafanSachi no TenbinChanged to image of cover art.
v14861.22014-03-13 at 13:59nutellafanSachi no TenbinEdited link.
v14861.12014-03-13 at 13:57nutellafanSachi no TenbinAdded visual novel.