Sorairo no Shizuku


Sorairo no Shizuku
TitleSorairo no Shizuku
Original titleそらいろの雫
Publishers Nico


Main character frequents his father's friend researcher place where girl of the same age resides. The young people spend their days merrily till the day parents get lost in an expedition. As time passes protagonist gradually recovers from the shock. He starts to get interested in the new female transfer student. At the same time mysterious events begin to occur around him...

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2004-12-1718+  Sorairo no ShizukuNon-freeCommercial2 CDs 1 


Character summary

Main character Kamishiro Kotone
Voiced by Marumi Momoko
Main character Kirishima Akira
Voiced by Satou Yuki
Main character Sakurai Yuumi
Voiced by Narikawa Kuu
Side character Gerald
Voiced by Ookubo Kentarou
Side character Gregory
Side character Hisaishi Ruka
Voiced by Matsunaga Yuki
Side character Matsushima Tooru
Side character Richard Harman
Side character Samuel Frost

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