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Heart ni Hi o Tsukete...


TitleHeart ni Hi o Tsukete...
Original titleハートに火をつけて…
PublishersF&C Co., Ltd.


A beautiful female fighter Ayaka Shimada appeared like a comet in the female fighting sports world and got a nickname "Fighting Goddess". She had a legendary trainer whom she owned her success. Two years later she finally stepped down from the pedestal. New stars show up with the feeling "I want to be as strong as Ayaka!" and it's coach job to fulfill those dreams.

[From vndbreview]


1999-10-2918+Heart ni Hi o Tsukete... - First Press Edition
1999-10-2918+Heart ni Hi o Tsukete... - Regular Edition
2011-04-2318+Heart ni Hi o Tsukete... - Download Edition


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