Wish ~Owari Yuku Sekai de~


Wish ~Owari Yuku Sekai de~
TitleWish ~Owari Yuku Sekai de~
Original titleWish~終わりゆく世界で~
Publishers Selfish


The year is 20xx... A new life form called a "Mamono" has suddenly appeared in Japan.
With great sacrifice, the Japanese government finally succeeds in retrieving a part of this "Mamono." Of course, it's kept secret from the general public and all evidence is eliminated...

Soon after, the government takes a few civilian scientists and begins a top-secret mission called "Project HI" (Project Human Infinity). The project's purpose is to somehow inject the unknown virus from the "Mamono," which will give the subjects super powers. The goal is to create a human that will withstand any kind of environment, which will then be used as a lethal weapon. Knowing the project might fail, the government simultaneously creates a militia known as the "Witch Hunters."

Minoru Yamanashi's father was one of the scientists involved in this project. He's so crazy that he submits not only himself but also Minoru's sister Chisa to the "Project HI" experiments. Unfortunately, the experiment on Chisa fails, and she falls ill with the virus. Not having the kind of money to save his sister, he decides to join the "Witch Hunters." He ends up killing his beloved sister. Losing the will to live, he wanders aimlessly around the streets and eventually crumbles with hunger. A girl named Yukari Arisa saves him from the streets...

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2002-04-0518+  Wish ~Owari Yuku Sekai de~Non-freeCommercial1 CD


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