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Shinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu


Shinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperC's Ware BLITZ
PublishersC's Ware BLITZ & C's Ware
Shops» JP¥ 1100 @ DLsite


Sengoku. One day Huaga clan scrolls get stolen by Saiga clan. Three Huaga clan shinobi were sent to recover the scrolls, but failed. Now a legendary ninja exiled from the Huaga clan in the past is requested to take up the task.

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Japanese (2)
2000-07-1418+Shinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu
2005-11-0218+Shinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu - Download Edition


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Character summary

AzukiMain character
MiwaMain character
YayoiMain character
FueSide character
KaedeSide character
KikyouSide character
MomijiSide character
RanSide character
ShinoSide character
YuiSide character

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