Shinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu


Shinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu
TitleShinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu
Original title偲-月影の迷宮
DeveloperC's Ware BLITZ
Publishers C's Ware BLITZ & C's Ware


Sengoku. One day Huaga clan scrolls get stolen by Saiga clan. Three Huaga clan shinobi were sent to recover the scrolls, but failed. Now a legendary ninja exiled from the Huaga clan in the past is requested to take up the task.

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2000-07-1418+  Shinobu - Tsukikage no MeikyuuNot voicedNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD
2007-10-2818+  Shinobu - Tsukikage no Meikyuu - Download EditionNot voicedNon-freeCommercial640x480Internet download


Character summary

Main character Azuki
Main character Miwa
Main character Yayoi
Side character Fue
Side character Kaede
Side character Kikyou
Side character Momiji
Side character Ran
Side character Shino
Side character Yui

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