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TitlePublicationResolutionVoicedReleased ▴Notes
Primal x Hearts - Trial EditionFreeware1280x720Fully voiced2014-07-2618+
Primal x Hearts - First Press Limited EditionNon-free1280x720Fully voiced2014-08-2918+
Primal x Hearts - Download EditionNon-free1280x720Fully voiced2015-08-2818+
Primal x Hearts(patch)FreewareNA for patches2020-05-0918+Simplified Chinese
Primal x Hearts

Non-free1280x720Fully voiced2021-07-3018+Localization Production: Robert K
English Translation: BJ Wood

Chinese Translation: Lapin, Inc
Chinese Supervision: Mona

Sales Assistance: Arisa Okazaki
Testing: Kokuto Shio
Primal x Hearts - Loli Uncensor Patch(patch)FreewareNA for patches2021-08-02UnknownRestores all instances of the word "loli" and "lolicon".

To add:
Replace the file 'script.noa' in the game's install directory with the patch provided.

Patch made by a 4chan anon.