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●witter de Deatta Shoujo Yuuna

●witterで出会った少女 ゆーな

Title●witter de Deatta Shoujo Yuuna
Original title●witterで出会った少女 ゆーな
AliasesThe Girl On Tw*tter
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)


An Adventure Game that's themed on the 2013 Word of the Year: "Selfie".
You know it every news media outlet of last year; you know it from friends, contacts, all the social media outlets; you've done it with your cell phone.

Twitter has gotten out of control!
Girls post increasingly provocative selfies begging for likes and retweets and followers.
That's how I met Yuna.
She shows off her undeveloped body and talks about becoming a famous voice actress.
Give her praise, listen to her gripes and in the name of preparing for her career, teach her sexual playstyles please. :)

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