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Change! ~Ano Ko ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~

ちぇ~んじ! ~あの娘になってクンクンペロペロ~

TitleChange! ~Ano Ko ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~
Original titleちぇ~んじ! ~あの娘になってクンクンペロペロ~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperMay-Be Soft
PublishersMay-Be Soft
Same series
Henshin!!! ~Pantsu ni Natte Kunkun Pe...
LinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata, VNStat
Shops» JP¥ 7480 @ DLsite (jpn)


Yuusuke is a healthy boy who has a dream of switching bodies with the girl he likes so that he can do whatever he wants with her. He would gaze at her breasts and feel them up. He would be free to enter her room as he pleases and sniff her panties. Of course, he could also look down there and check that she’s still a virgin. He greatly wanted such a power, but there was a huge gap between his delusions and reality.

Nowadays, smartphones have surged in popularity, and more than half of those who have cell phones own them. The main thing that spurred this trend was the free calling app ‘Connect’, which Yuusuke also decided to download. By chance, he was the 100 millionth user to register and the operating company sent him a special gift. It was an app that allows him to switch bodies with any girl that installed ‘Connect’ on her smartphone! His dream ability is now in his hands! Let’s make use of full use of this!

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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Amasaka Yuusuke天坂 悠介O
AliasesMashutaa, Mashuter, ましゅたー, Master
MeasurementsHeight: 172cm
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityOtaku, Pervert
RoleClassmate, Cousin, High School Student, Nameable, Neighbor, Rival
Engages inBody Swap


Yuusuke is the elder cousin of the protagonist of Henshin!!!, Amasaka Yuuji.

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MeasurementsHeight: 20cm
HairOrange, White
PersonalityWord Repetition
RoleDog, Robot
Voiced byKanematsu Yuka


Pomect's name is a combination of the words "Connect" and "Pomeranian". Pomect is a talking robot/stuffed toy; they add "~po" at the end of every sentence they say.