Rougoku no Misleat ~Fukushuu no In'yaku Choukyou~


TitleRougoku no Misleat ~Fukushuu no In'yaku Choukyou~
Original title牢獄のミスリート~復讐の淫薬調教~
AliasesMiss Leet in Prison - Love Potion Sex Training Revenge
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperBlack Lilith
PublishersBlack Lilith
Sanity Ends!


Watch the female executive of an evil syndicate be taken to the limits of shame!
This is the story of the revenge by a man this former executive once stole everything from.

This story is told from the eyes of Yuu Saito, a space investigation detective with a mysterious past and a grudge against Misleet. Behind closed doors he tries to break and demoralize her after she is captured by a rookie chief space detective named Fio and imprisoned in a space investigations HQ.

He has to break her in before the space police escort reaches Earth. His plan is to destroy her pride and turn her into a sexual "commodity" before that happens. Complete domination and torture will be the evidence of his revenge! He won't give her to the police until she's totally dominated!!

Misleet isn't the only one being defiled. If she gets in the way then you can also choose to give the new space police detective Fio a taste of sexual ecstasy!!

[Adapted from DLsite English]

High Sexual Content 3.0 Alien ProtagonistS 3.0 ADV 3.0 MindbreakS 3.0 Confinement 3.0 Rape 3.0 Leader Heroine 3.0 Unavoidable Heroine Rape 3.0 Alien Heroine 3.0 Revenge 3.0 Major Antagonist 3.0 Nukige 3.0 Rape Involving Drugs 3.0 Fighting Heroine 3.0 Arrogant Heroine 2.9 Rapist Protagonist 2.9 Villainous Heroine 2.9 Unavoidable Rape 2.9 Science Fiction 2.9 Sexual Slavery 2.8 Multiple Endings 2.8 Long Sexual Scenes 2.8 Male Protagonist 2.8 Heroine with Leotard 2.7 Internal Exhibition of Sex 2.6 Group Sex of One Female and Several Males 2.5 Sex Involving Drugs 2.5 Lactation During Sex 2.4 Future Earth 2.4 Assassin ProtagonistS 2.2 Impregnation 2.1 Big Breast Sizes Heroine 2.1 Unlockable Choices 2.0 One True End 2.0 Combat with Lasers and Beams 2.0 Villainous Protagonist 2.0 Pregnant Sex 2.0 Sex in Public Places 2.0 Nanomachines 2.0 Exhibitionism 2.0 Bukkake 2.0 ShapeshiftingS 2.0 Kidnapping 2.0 Few Choices 2.0 Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation) 2.0 Heroine with Big Breasts 2.0 Multiple Penetration 1.9 Other Perspectives 1.7 Secret IdentityS 1.7 Breast ExpansionS 1.7 Heroine with Tights 1.6 Blowjob 1.6 Heroine with Bodystocking 1.5 Double Penetration (Group Sex) 1.5 Monster Birth 1.5 Double Handjob 1.5 Vaginal Grapeshot 1.5 Spy ProtagonistS 1.4 Boobjob 1.2 Bad Ending(s) 1.2 Hair Pulling (Sexual) 1.0 Sex Engine 1.0 Airhead Heroine 1.0 Armpit Sex 1.0 Sex in Front of an Audience 1.0 Public Masturbation 1.0 Blowbang 1.0 Adult Breast Feeding 1.0 Bokukko Heroine 1.0 Hidden Vibrator 1.0 DeflorationS 1.0 Masturbation 1.0 Intercrural Sex 1.0 Anal Penetration 0.2

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Saitou Yuuya斎藤 裕也
AliasesWooden Face
ItemsHypodermic Needle
PersonalityConfident, Mysterious, Sly, Uneducated, Vindictive
Engages inPlanning, Revenge
Subject ofAmnesia


Not much is known about the main character's past. He cannot remember anything other than surviving. He has the unique ability to take the appearance of another, though his ability has a short duration. He became intensely loyal to Isha, who gave him the medicine necessary to prolong his shapeshifting.

Main character

HairParted in Middle, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Violet, Waist Length+
EyesHosome, Red, Tsurime
BodyBig Ass, Huge Breasts, Pale, Tanned, Visible Nipples, Young-adult
ClothesAnkle Boots, Blindfold, Choker, Cloak, Evening Gloves, Gauntlet, High Heeled Boots, Knee-high Boots, Latex Long Gloves, Slave Collar, Spaulders, Strapless Leotard, Thigh Band
PersonalityArrogant, Proactive, Selfish, Violent
RoleAntagonist, Criminal, Executive, Extraterrestrial, Famous, Gang Leader, Not a Virgin, Rival, Slave Owner, Space Pirate, Villain
Engages inFighting, Teasing
Subject ofFainting, Mind Control
Voiced byNonomura Saya


One of the leading executives of the biggest criminal syndicate of the universe, the Dozuma. Recently she has been kidnapping humans from Earth to sell them as "accomodities", a.k.a. slaves. The space police is after her for this but with little success...

Side characters

Fio Rahto S. Skyedgeフィオ
HairCyan, Short, Spiky, Spiky Bangs
EyesAmber, Tareme
BodyBig Breasts, Pale, Short, Slim, Teen
ClothesArm Warmers, Belt, Bodystocking, Bracer, Fingerless Gloves, Torn Clothing
PersonalityEnergetic, Hardworker, Kind, Naive, Shy
RoleCoworker, Detective, Extraterrestrial
Engages inFighting, Investigation, Seduction
Subject ofAssault
Voiced byAzuma Karin


A greenhorn space detective in the service of the space police. She firmly believes in the justice system and thinks that Yuu shares her idealistic views as well.