Niji no Arika


Niji no Arika
TitleNiji no Arika
Original title虹のありか
DeveloperTea Project
Publishers Tea Project


Hero graduates from high school at his home town and goes to Tokyo to realize his dream. However, he fails at that and has to return back to his home town. There he meets old acquaintances and discovers places and people he never knew.

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2000-03-3118+  Niji no ArikaNon-freeCommercial1 CD 2 


Character summary

Main character Asasaki Mayuho
Main character Fuyumori Ayano
Voiced by Usami Momoka
Main character Haruka
Main character Ichijou Suzune
Voiced by Dynamite Ami
Main character Izumi Sayaka
Voiced by Aoyama Yukari
Main character Suginuma Noriko
Main character Tomizawa Chika
Voiced by Iwaizumi Mai

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  Niji no Arika

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