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Inkey University

TitleInkey University
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)


You are Yasuji, a boy who just graduated from high school, and after vacation, will finally enter University.

You will study in Inkey University, an "internal" university, ie, students enrolled there end up living within the complex, and time of each course is 5 years. Yasuji then have to spend all this time away from family and friends should make friends and adapt as quickly as possible in this new lifestyle.

While in university several strange things happen and you have to make the decisions, right or wrong, and that can affect the whole course of your life.




Yasuji is a newly formed boy in high school and is joining the university.
His biggest initial concern if is he will be well accepted among students and if he's going to make friends, since he is going to live for 5 years in there.
He is smart and very talkative with people.

Main characters



Miyuki is a girl who is now in her second year at university.
She had problems at the beginning of the university and therefore she was unable to make friends during her first year there.
She's a sweet and innocent girl, and for that reason she just can't distrust other people. By being a very naive girl, she appears to be younger than she actually is.



Naomi is a nurse who works in Inkey University.
Besides of her profession (and the fact of actually having one that requires many years of studies), she is very young and also is in pretty good shape by herself.
Because of her experience, she is like a "senpai" for any other male and female students, and is always giving friendly advices to everyone.
However despite all this, she seems like an ice-cold person, in the perspective of anyone who actually "knows" her (She doesn't really cares that much about feelings at all).
In other words, Naomi is an intelligent and apparently gentle woman.

Side characters



Akihito is a student who already knows all about the university.
He appears to be pretty smart, despite the fact he don't have any motivation to study.
He is also always available to talk and always tries to be nice to all students.
A very sociable guy indeed.



Himigono is the founder and director of the University Inkey and is he who commands everything there.
Being a very busy person, not every student saw him at all, and if they did, it should be in a very rare event or situation.
Knowing this fact, he normally let some problems to be solved by particularly chosen assistants, and he is only bothered by them when something really serious is happening.
Appears to be a very cheerful and good-natured person.



Makoto was elected leader of the male's student council, that means he is in charge of presenting the university's rules and structures for the new students.
He is also the one who sustains the conversations between the students and the director.
He is a very mysterious and bad-tempered guy.