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the apostrophe alias might seem silly, but it's what they use over at getchu and EGS for some reason.
Title (romaji)Vanishing/I'sVANISHING/I'S
Alias[empty]ヴァ二シングアイズ, VANISHING/I’S


Aliasesヴァ二シングアイズ, VANISHING/I’S
Publishers Gastro


Main character lives peacefully with his sister after loosing both parents. But one day beloved sister dies as well. The autopsy shows that sister bore a child. To avenge humiliation and death of his sister, protagonist infiltrates her education facility. He chooses the means to insult the officials who could not notice sister's despair and that way approach the real culprit.

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2001-03-3018+  VANISHING/I'SNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  


Character summary

Protagonist Tokura Haruki
Main character Nakazawa Yuko
Main character Okuno Hitomi
Main character Sanada Yuki
Main character Tokura Yuna
Side character Chigasaki Maki
Side character Ihata Sayaka
Side character Nagai Ryo
Side character Sagara Chinami
Side character Sanada Takashi
Side character Utsunomiya Tokiko

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