Kita e. Photo Memories

北へ。Photo Memories

Kita e. Photo Memories
TitleKita e. Photo Memories
Original title北へ。Photo Memories
DeveloperRed Entertainment Corporation
Publishers Hudson Soft
Original game
Kita e. White Illumination
Same series
Kita e. ~Diamond Dust~


This fandisc includes additional content and a sequel story. This story has you returning to Hokkaido in the summer following your special kiss from the White Illumination festival. There are actually eight separate adventures, one for each girl. You start off by selecting the character with whom you'd like to share your upcoming exploits, and when you arrive back at the Hokkaido airport, she greets you. You travel off through Hokkaido, with the girl conversing with you and showing you around. As you travel, you can surprise the girl by taking a picture of her with the snap of a button, and this picture can be saved to the VMU and viewed later in a photo album.

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1999-08-05  Kita e. Photo MemoriesNon-freeCommercial  


Character summary

Main character Aida Megumi
Voiced by Ootani Ikue
Main character Haruno Kotori
Voiced by Chiba Saeko
Main character Kawahara Ayu
Main character Sakuramachi Yuuko
Voiced by Minami Omi
Main character Sakyou Hayaka
Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako
Main character Satonaka Kozue
Main character Satonaka Kozue
Main character Shiina Kaoru
Main character Tanya Lipinski
Voiced by Sakamoto Maaya

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