Juku Volley ~Shigoki Shigokareru Ureta Hitozuma-tachi~

熟バレー ~シゴキ扱かれる熟れた人妻達~

TitleJuku Volley ~Shigoki Shigokareru Ureta Hitozuma-tachi~
Original title熟バレー ~シゴキ扱かれる熟れた人妻達~
DeveloperAtelier Kaguya CheshireCat
Publishers AiCherry & Atelier Kaguya


Volleyball coach Ryouhei Adachi is even known as a legendary contractor for victory.
His unique training style which realizes female players' true abilities has led countless teams to victory, but received constant complaints causing him to transfer from team to team.

This time, a request to be the coach of a volleyball team for mothers arrives.
In that team was three mothers who were dealing with various troubles.

Without bothering about such concerns, Ryouhei's excessively lewd special training begins.

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Adachi Ryouhei足立 涼平 
Role, Coach