Puchipuchi Gohoushi


TitlePuchipuchi Gohoushi
Original titleぷちぷち・ご奉仕
DeveloperBlack Package
Publishers Black Package


Hero is new one and only teacher in closed school for genius girls. He may teach with any methods he want...


2005-07-1518+  Puchipuchi GohoushiNon-freeCommercial2 CDs  
2011-02-1018+  Puchipuchi Gohoushi - Download EditionPartially voicedNon-freeCommercial800x600Internet download  


Character summary

Protagonist Nishimura Shin
Main character Fukada Satsuki
Voiced by Kaneda Mahiru
Main character Matsushima Sumire
Voiced by Kasuga An
Main character Seto Mizuki
Voiced by Naruse Mia
Main character Shinonome Karin
Voiced by Kanzaki Chihiro

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