Edit history of Fault Milestone 2 Jou (Side: Above)

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v15252.182017-10-23 at 22:29eacilFault Milestone 2 Jou (Side: Above)split (complaints here > link), synopsis changed (need to be checked if it doesn't tell too much of the story)
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v15252.162017-10-10 at 02:11eacilFault Milestone 2Reverted to revision v15252.14 look at the releases, this entry contains Side:Above + Side:Below even if I agree they might be better separated
v15252.152017-10-10 at 02:03necrisFault Milestone 2 side:aboveEdited names based on the official steam names.
v15252.142016-06-27 at 02:43alexandraidvFault Milestone 2+WP link
v15252.132016-06-14 at 17:54beliarFault Milestone 2Title, as seen on the cover and used in the game.
v15252.122016-06-12 at 17:37beliarFault Milestone Twosome staff
v15252.112015-09-22 at 02:50alaraumFault Milestone TwoEdited description to sound better. Removed a possible <spoiler> picture; spoiler for those who hadn't read the prequel.. if they saw that picture
v15252.102015-09-10 at 00:15confuzzledFault Milestone TwoTook a little over 4 hours total for me, so I can't imagine it lasting over ten.
v15252.92015-09-02 at 09:16eacilFault Milestone Twotitle link, staff linked link
v15252.82015-07-28 at 04:15yoxallFault -Milestone Two-Screenshots should have been taken from the demo as the full game is not out yet.
v15252.72015-07-25 at 19:55alaraumFault -Milestone Two-added newly released release date
v15252.62015-04-09 at 21:20alaraumFault -Milestone Two-New information was released today on Steam. (as well as Demo version). I checked their official page too (link) but release date for the whole VN is
v15252.52015-02-24 at 20:16slv76Fault -Milestone Two-Capitalization (link)
v15252.42015-02-22 at 06:28alexandraidvfault -milestone two-Screenshot from the developer's blog.
v15252.32015-02-19 at 06:57sergant-svobodyfault -milestone two-official cover
v15252.22014-05-13 at 21:11hiecchifault -milestone two-prequel of course
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