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Ishin Renka Ryouma Gaiden

維新恋華 龍馬外伝

Ishin Renka Ryouma GaidenSafe / Tame (14)
維新恋華 龍馬外伝
Ishin Renka Ryouma Gaiden
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperVridge Inc.
PublishersD3 Publisher
Same setting

Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi

Bakumatsu Renka: Karyuu Kenshiden

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It is the Tempou era.
The crumbling structure of the Tokugawa Shogunate is starting to be visible, and the Western Powers are looking towards East Asia. At this time a girl is born.

Her father wanted to raise her respectably with all his heart, but he made his living by informing on local rebellious movements to the ruling people.
The father didn't want his child to know of his menial job so he ended up throwing away his house and social status and hid himself away in the mountains with his daughter.

For a while after that, with the help of her father, the girl was able to live on.
But one day she had a fateful encounter with a boy in the mountains.

The name of that boy was Sakamoto Ryouma.

Before long in order to seek the meaning of freedom and to realize their own ideals, the grown-up girl and Ryouma, will jump into the center stage of the Bakumatsu era.

[Translated from Girl Game Wiki]


Japanese (3)
2010-11-2515+Ishin Renka Ryouma Gaiden - First Press Limited Edition
2010-11-2515+Ishin Renka Ryouma Gaiden - Regular Edition
2014-07-3115+Mune Kyun Otome Collection Vol. 5: Ishin Renka Ryouma Gaiden


              Full character list

              Character summary

              Sawa NanokaProtagonist
              Nakaoka ShintarouMain character
              Voiced by
              Hirano KanakoAs a child
              Hiyama Nobuyuki
              Sakamoto RyoumaMain character
              Okita SoujiMain character
              Voiced by
              Asai KiyomiAs a child
              Hino Satoshi
              Kawakami GensaiMain character
              Voiced by Nojima Kenji
              Takasugi ShinsakuMain character
              Itou KashitarouSide character
              Voiced by Suzuki Yuuto
              Itou ShunsukeSide character
              Voiced by Kishio Daisuke
              Date KojirouSide character
              Hijikata ToshizouSide character
              Voiced by Maeno Tomoaki
              Katsura KogorouSide character
              Toudou HeisukeSide character
              Voiced by Shimono Hiro

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