Hanamachi Monogatari


Hanamachi Monogatari
TitleHanamachi Monogatari
Original title花町物語
AliasesPleasure Quarter Story, Legend of the Flower Town
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperVivid Color
Publishers Vivid Color
Hanakage -Ochita Mitsuka-


Our uke hero Suri has a English father and Japanese mother so he has blond hair and blue eyes which he gets bullied for. His parents died so at the beginning he is working as a servant at a brothel where he is beaten, starved and overworked. He catches the eye of Tatsumi, the owner of a infamous male brothel called Hanabishi who buys him over.

Once he gets to the brothel, he gets a nice kimono, a nice room of his own and nice food for the first time in his life. He meets various other characters and that's when the real story (and sex) starts.

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