Tousatsu Fantasia ~Nozokimi Mania no Ore ga Ou ni Naru Made~

盗撮ファンタジア ~覗き見マニアの俺が王になるまで~

TitleTousatsu Fantasia ~Nozokimi Mania no Ore ga Ou ni Naru Made~
Original title盗撮ファンタジア ~覗き見マニアの俺が王になるまで~
AliasesTosatsu Fantasia -The Peeping Tom Who Would Be King-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Dieselmine
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Morio Kaga was sneaking past security to peep on the girls' dormitory as usual when he slipped and fell down a steep cliff. When he woke up he was in a stonewall room. He spoke with a pointy-eared girl who explained she was an elf and a magician. Morio had been conjured by her magic.

......Magic? ......Elf? ......Conjured?

In a state of confusion he left the room. Outside was the greater castle in a sprawling fantasy world complete with a princess, swordswoman, priestess, jester... just like in the books. And everyone was beautiful!

"Awesome!" thought Morio, but it was a fleeting joy. He was locked back inside a room where he was not to be released except for toilet breaks.

In the dirty prison-like quarters Morio thought about his one possession: the camera that had been conjured with him. "If I can catch these girls doing something bad, maybe I can use it..."

Using modern day peeping techniques, Morio set about capturing the secrets of Fantasia!

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