Saikyou Saiaku no Mahou Shoujo ~Ecchi mo Mahou mo Bakuhatsu yo!~

最強最悪の魔法少女 ~エッチも魔法も爆発よ!

TitleSaikyou Saiaku no Mahou Shoujo ~Ecchi mo Mahou mo Bakuhatsu yo!~
Original title最強最悪の魔法少女 ~エッチも魔法も爆発よ!
AliasesBaddest. Magical Girl. Ever. -A Tale of Sex & Magic & Explosions!-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Souvenir


He's a pitiful would-be villain. She's a massive arrogant heroine.

Nobody knows the battle that's about to be waged over this small town.
When Dr. Kawahara plots to claim it as his own, he's confronted by Azusa, a young girl.
As a "maho shojo" she can summons magic powers to vanquish her opponents.
Blam! That's how fast he's going to go down, she taunts.
Azusa is merciless -- something in her past made her this way. Some trauma.

With a trance-like face Azusa wields the metaphorical sex hammer of punishment that crushes Dr. Kawahara.
Magic is her stress outlet, and the crushing... well, that's just a perk. It's clear that while
she's technically defending the town, she's far from a beacon of purity and justice.

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Main characters

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Dr. Kawaharaドクター・かわはら 
Body, Pale
Personality, Ambitious, Idiot
Role, Scientist, Villain
Engages in, Masochism
Engages in (Sexual)
Subject of (Sexual)


The man who wants to take over the town (and kind of a masochist).

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